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  • Chuck
    Aug 11, 2014
      Having a finite but still large amount of water above the heavens leading edge of the expansion of the universe actually eliminates any need for an accelerating expansion and dark energy.According to General Relativity with the Earth near the center we would be sufficiently time dilated to produce a small blue-shift in galaxies that explains Type Ia supernovae data though it is interpreted as an accelerating expansion.

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      Yes. The waters above. But I don't think that infers an infinite watery void. I believe that that water would be on the leading edge of the (accelerating) expansion. Because it's finite it gets more and more diffuse as it expands, but overall still holds the same initial mass. I am trying to imagine what is on the other side of the expanse of water. It seems that it is an infinite void that offers no resistance to the accelerating expansion, and again, the (dark) energy driving the acceleration is the more dense (denser?) intergalactic medium. Once God released it, i.e."stretched" it (on day four) - - whoa!

      The acceleration would have to decrease as the difference in density of what is on either side of the water (above) decreases.


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