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11751Exo-planets and gravity aberration

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  • Victor McAllister
    Feb 28, 2014
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      Using statistics, NASA announced 715 additional planet candidates from Kepler's observations of 150,000 stars looking or possible planet eclipses. Astronomers claim a confidence level of better than 99% that about 3,000 neighboring stars are orbited by planets. About 40% are evidently multiplanet systems. You may have recently read of one of the proposed planets, Kepler 296-f which some claim is in the habitable zone, although it orbits a dwarf star.

      Scientist do not mention the logarithmic spacing of exoplanets. The major moons and planets in the solar system also have logarithmic spacings. The majority of asteroids orbit in the area where a missing planet was predicted by the Titius Bode "law". They  contain rocks with crystals that formed gradually under volcanic conditions and other rocks that evidently formed in warm liquid water. Uranus and Neptune were also discovered close to where logarithmic spacing predicted additional planets. The asteroids and comets are often shaped like broken parts of a planet. Uranus and Neptune were also discovered close to where logarithmic spacing predicted additional planets. The Bible mentions close passages and the shattering of a nearby planet, as did all societies 3500 years ago.

      My web site used to have graphs showing the logarithmic spacing of exoplanets, but Google banned me from blogspot. Evidently claiming that the Bible vanquishes science is not politically or culturally proper. I had 370 articles on blogspot, and it is a lot of work editing them to make a new web site to be hosted by my provider.

      Here is a simulation of the orbits around Kepler 296.

      What causes logarithmic spacing in spiral galaxy arms and multiplanet systems? We call it gravity. We observe in cosmic history how matter is always changing. Trillions of stars streams emerged from the unformed matter God created first, exactly as in the Hebrew creation text. The stars streams accelerate outward along with the accelerating atomic clocks as billions of galaxies grew from "what is not seen Hebrew 11:3." Even local atomic clocks, when compared to their transponded frequencies from hours ago, are also observed to accelerate in the same manner as the atomic clocks in hundreds of billions of galaxies. The earliest matter shone at much less than 10% of the frequencies emitted by modern atoms.

      The effects of gravity are similar to light - in that it has an aberration (a propagation delay). Because gravity has an aberration, it affects orbits and rotations in a gradual way opposite to the scientific laws of gravity.

      1. The Sun's gravity pulls more on Earth's leading hemisphere than the trailing side. Please read Maurice Allais's experiments with paraconical pendula. Gravity aberration steadily spins up the Earth's rotation (relative to yesterdays rotation - not to time) and also pulls us outward so that our orbit never quite closes, but gradually increases our distance from the Sun.The optical parallax to the Sun has steadily reduced since the Greeks first measured it with angles. This has continued even since scientists canonically defined the AU using radar and clocks such as the recent transits of Venus and the optical parallax to Mars at opposition.

      2. Since the aberration of gravity increases with distance, unlike the pull of gravity which reduces inversely with the square of the distance, this pushes outwards on the outer planets more than the inner planets. The result is that all major bodies gravitate towards logarithmic spacing. (The effects of the aberration of gravity also varies with the diameter of the body, so small asteroids are not torqued as much as large planets). The result is that large planets tend to orbit farther from their star than small rocky planets.

      4. Things that exhibit logarithmic properties change relationally, such as bacteria growth and growing snail / nautilus shells and sheep horns, This suggest that whatever causes logarithmic spacing comes from long term incremental changes.

      3. What causes gravity? It evidently emerges from matter that is changing relationally. The star streams accelerate outwards along with the accelerating atomic clocks and matter's volume also increases. We cannot see gravity, but we can see how billions of galaxies grew as the visible properties of matter change relationally.

      4. Someone might claim, scientists do not measure orbits opening outwards. Scientist measure with clocks and linear clock assuming mathematics. Science was founded on an assumption predicted in the Bible: that all things remain the same. Medieval friars used the nouns "being and essence" to claim that what substance intrinsically is remains the same. The definitions of physics, most empirical measuring units, mathematical methods and the laws of gravity presuppose that matter's essence remains the same. Once you break your mind free from this stifling assumption, you are free to accept cosmic history as we see it.

      Here are some things to think about.

      Why is Mars cold and dry, but once had branching river valleys, gravel filled streams, lakes and a great northern sea?

      How could the Earth remain in a habitable zone if its orbit is steadily opening outwards? There is only one sweet spot in the solar system As the Sun expands, its light changes from red to white. (Ancient people a few thousand years ago described a red Sun and tan sky. No one a few thousand years ago ever mentioned a blue sky). They did mention close planet passages and the shattering of a nearby planet. The Bible mentions similar events. For example, the Greeks told stories of Paetheon who tried to drive the Sun's chariot. The Sun veered north, then swung south and huge rocks fell to the north of Greece. If a planet passed close to Earth it would precess the Earth first one way and then back the other way. Remember how Joshua commanded the Sun and Moon to remain over  a particular valley and how rocks (Hebrew construction stones) fell from the sky. 

       God made a universe where every bit of matter changes, yet the Earth remains in the habitable zone as the Sun and Earth both change.

      Victor, Changing Earth Creationist

      s as several
      - the unformed matter God created first.
      . Evidently gravity is what emerges from  polanets
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