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11748Re: [CreationTalk] War on humans? A review

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  • Victor McAllister
    Feb 21, 2014
      The problem with environmentalists is not that they do not see serious problems, but they have no solutions. Al Gore jets around the world preaching for others to stop doing what he is doing, (burning more fuel than most poor people).

      Technological solutions always have unexpected and deleterious consequences. (Even antibiotics eventually results in more virulent organisms). The western system is unable to save itself from its own destructive ways. Jacques Ellul (Technological Society) and the (Technological Bluff) has documented how technology takes away freedom and drives all modern governments into self destructive policies. Whether the govenments are liberal, conservative, communist or capitalist - the driving force is technology and the result is self destruction. I highly recommend Jacques Ellul's books - look them up on Amazon.

      Jesus is the Savior, not only from sins, but he will return to save the world politically, to establish justice, truth and a green earth. In that day men will beat their swords into plows and everyman will sit under his vine and fig tree. Jesus promised to return and destroy the destroyers of the Earth.

      "And the nations were enraged, and Your wrath came, and the time came for the dead to be judged, and the time to reward Your bond-servants the prophets and the saints and those who fear Your name, the small and the great, and to destroy those who destroy the earth." (Revelation 11:18)

      The tribulation is an essential part of the salvation of the world. Much of the destruction in the tribulations comes from human wars, a false christ  and human governments and religions. At the end of the tribulation, God sends asteroids, a comet, earthquakes etc. to avenge those who believed him and were killed for their testimony. The western civilization will be reduced to the dust of the threshing floor that the wind drives away.

      Science is incompatible with the visible history of the universe. It has resulted in technologies and industries that are wiping out our planet. In order to establish peace and a green revolution in which the lion will eat straw like an ox, Jesus will first destroy the western civilization. Daniel 2, explains how past kingdoms will be destroyed when Jesus establishes his kingdom. How do you destroy the past? You destroy its heritage. From generation to generation, those four pagan kingdoms listed in Daniel have been influencing the world. Each of the kingdoms passed along part of their inheritance form previous generations and added their own modifications.

      Babylonians were the first to establish precision measuring with angles.  The Persians invented multiculturalism and federal governments where individual states could have their own laws, cultures and religions. The Greeks took the systems of their predecessors and tried to invent science through philosophy. The Romans did not build a whole new structure as Horace wrote, captive Greece took Rome captive (through philosophy). The Romans established their "res publica" (the republic) in which emperors authoritatively ruled people who had annual elections. The western system was founded on the ruins of Rome and the renaissance brought back many of the values of the pagan Roman system (although it was dressed as Christian). (For example, the Roman patricians had family names so during the renaissance everyone was forced to get a family name which were called "the Christian name - even for Jews."  In these last days we observe a fragmented world where iron does not stick to clay (the Roman iron is incompatible with the boko haram and other anti western justice movements). God's kingdom is incompatible with all modern forms of justice. 

      People in the millennium will not learn science or have democratic governments. The saints of God will posses the kingdom and they will implement justice. I predict that in that era people will look back on the western civilization as the greatest of dark ages when science, technologies and even democratic governments ruined the Earth. They will rejoice that Jesus triumphed and established peace and justice and a green earth.

      Notice how taking the Bible literally results in a different perspective of history and the future.

      Victor, Changing Earth Creationist

      On Thu, Feb 20, 2014 at 2:19 PM, Temlakos <temlakos@...> wrote:

      Does a war on humans rage? Is that concept even logical? Where do
      radical environmentalists get that idea? A review of Wesley Smith's essay.



      Included: two videos. One, a news segment on James Lee's gun battle with
      Montgomery County sheriff's police in the Discovery Channel building.
      That battle ended in his death.

      Two, Wesley Smith's War on Humans video.

      Also: a screencap of a woman holding a picket sign: SAVE THE PLANET.


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