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11737RE: Celestial Mechanics

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  • ptolemy1022
    Feb 13, 2014
      The laws of celestial mechanics are assumption dependent. They also violate what the Bible says about how the heavenly bodies move.

      The laws of celestial mechanics are based on the western concept of time, measured with clocks. In the western system, time is believed to be linear and orbits are said to be clock-like. Yet orbits are observed to spread out throughout the history of how the galaxies formed. Our ancestors and the biblical prophets mentioned close planet passages and the shattering of a nearby planet just a few thousand years ago. 

      We also observe how atomic clocks accelerate in billions of galaxies, the fastest (normal temperature) atomic clocks are local. Even local atomic clocks when compared to their transponded rates from hours ago (the Pioneer Anomaly) suggest that local atoms accelerate in the same way as we observe ancient atoms changing throughout cosmic history. The signals from hours ago of NASA's hydrogen maser atomic clocks were slower than the present rate of the clocks, What does this mean? It suggest that local atomic clocks are accelerating. The earliest atoms ticked at less than 10% of the frequencies of modern atoms.

      The Bible states that God continues in unbroken continuity to spread out the plural heavens, He continues to to call the stars to come out, He continues to spread out the plural heavens like a tent to dwell in. The verbs in the creation account mostly refer to continuing actions. In a few cases they refer to completed actions, such as the the creation of the heavens and the earth (the entire universe) prior to giving form to the Earth. He evidently continued to give form to the earth by continuing to command light to be. Later he continued to form the heavenly luminaries and continued to place them in the raqiya. Raqiya is the noun of the verb to continually spread out. He is not spreading out the vacuum of space time. He visibly spread out billions of galaxies into huge local growth spirals. This is evidence for what he began to continually do on creation day four.

      Are God's continuing actions also evident on Earth?

      Earth's continents fit together on a minuscule globe without major surface seas. The Bible states that God continues to spread out the earth three times. It even says He continues to lay the foundations of the earth (Zechariah 12:1). The continual spreading ot the Earth in our day occurs above the waters. Indeed, a glbal expansion seam continues to form new basaltic seafloor as the Earth continues to grow in size. 

      When considering theories of celestial mechanics it is important to test the basic assumption upon which they were contrived. Because such an assumption is elementary, "what is evidence" also depends on the first assumption. What assumption? The one the Bible predicted for the last days. Mockers will obfuscate the history of the plural heavens with their notion that all things remain the same (2 Peter 3:3-6)

      The visible history of how galaxies grew from tiny naked globs as the stars continued to form and spread out trumps all modern theories of celestial mechanics. How could scientist get it wrong? Their great structure of reasoning was built on a single assumption, invented by medieval friars, that the essence of substance is changeless - upon which western empirical science was contrived.

      Only the literal account of creation is confirmed in visible cosmic history, which trumps all the laws of physics. What great glory the Creator will get when the visible creation of galaxies confirms his word and defeats western science.  Why would he make the universe that way? So that no one can come to know him personally by means of science. He gets glory by saving unworthy sinners who trust his atonement alone.

      Victor, Changing Earth Creationist
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