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11724Is the Universe Matheamtical?

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  • ptolemy1022
    Jan 17, 2014
      What is the assumption implicate in all efforts to understand the universe mathematically?

      The idea the Bible predicts for the false teachers of the last days. What is that? The notion that all things remain the same (Greek panta houtos diamenei).

      Where did this assumption come from? Greek philosophers were unable to invent an empirical science because in their grammar what something is in the present (the verb einai) cannot be static. In their grammar, what something is continues to change. Even their atoms changed as they aged as the motions of the indivisible things continued to change. Yet they used geometry to model the solar system. For example, they imagined an invisible axle through the earth's poles and invisible crystal spheres that carried the planets as they circled around the earth. Their mathematical universe was entirely bogus.

      The medieval scholastics discovered Aristotle's physics and metaphysics and decided to adapt their religion to fit the writing of this pagan philosopher. In Latin, they were able to "solve" the problem of matter continually changing itself which prevented the pagans from inventing an empirical science. Friar Thomas, Friar Scotus and other Catholics laid the foundation for western science with their notion that the essence of substance is changeless. Essence is the noun form of the Latin verb to be - esse. They invented the notion that what matter intrinsically IS, does not change.

      It was upon that single assumption that later philosophers invented undetectable mathematical things - like mass, energy and time.  These things were defined operationally, using the basic creed of science - that matter does not change itself as it ages. Scientists invented a vast interdependnet swarm of mathematical entities, most of them completely invisible. They measured their basic assumptin mathematically with their creed and confirmed their mathematical theories circularly, by assuming  (1) that the essence of substance is changeless (2) that their mathematical symbols correspond to the real world of nature.

      All of this mathematics has resulted in the greatest system of mythology ever concocted by anyone in history. Because they were trained to use their basic, historical, creed without questioning or testing it, their universe is 99% magical and undetectable.

      They claim a tiny bit of vacuum exploded and created everything out of nothing. All the "evidence" for this magical event depends on their empirical mathematics and the  basic creed of all scientists.

      They claim 80% of the matter in the universe has never been seen with any instrument? Why is this magic necessary? To force the universe to fit their mathematical laws that were contrived with their basic assumption that matter is not changing itself as it ages.

      In their universe the vacuum of space time has magical properties. It stretches light, pushes galaxies apart, to prevent what is visible from being so. We can see with telescopes that ancient atoms emitted tiny fractions of the frequencies of modern atoms. 

      Only the literal version of biblical creation is observed in the only history that is visible, galactic history. We observe that galaxies continue to form from the unformed matter in the core of each galaxy. (What God created at first had no form until he continued to command light to continue to be). Indeed, light dithers around within all matter giving it extension. According to the Bible, he continues to call the stars to come out and continues to spread out the plural heavens (not the vacuum but the galaxies).

      We observe how the space matter takes up and its inertial properties change along with its light frequencies as billions of galaxies intrinsically grew - the stars continuing to emerge and spread out from the core. Even local atomic clocks, when compared to their clock frequencies from hours ago (through the transponders on four distant spacecraft) are also observed to accelerate in the same manner as the clocks in billions of distant galaxies.

      Almost all the scientific stories about the history of the universe (such as the accretion of stars from space dust) were contrived mathematically from the creed of all scientists - that the properties of matter are fixed, not emergent. Indeed, the mockers are fulfilling prophesy with their wild, mathematical stories. Peter predicted that the mockers of the last days would obfuscate that the plural heavens are ekpalai (out-old) because they think that all things remain the same.  Indeed, they cannot accept that galaxies grew from unformed matter, the stars continuing to form and spread out, because of their basic creed, and therefore they obfuscate the only history that is visible, cosmic history.  

      Since we observe a bilbical creation with telescopes, we can be sure that God's word will completely triumph over science, reducing it to nonsense. He even warns believers not to be wise in this age because he is taking them with their own skills. Why would he do this? For his great glory. Look at the history of galaxies and you will see His great glory.

      Victor, Changing Earth Creationist