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11388Information Universe and Relativity

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  • Chuck
    Nov 8, 2012

      This is part eight of the Information Universe series. See the link for part


      The Information Universe works well with both Special Relativity, and
      General Relativity since the calculations done by the Universes information
      system are done to provide a reality for conscious observers observer then
      we would expect a given observer frame of reference to be calculated for his
      perspective, as such every observer frame of reference equally valid and
      thus no preferred frame of reference. This affect is seen in video games
      where what is on the screen is calculated to produce the perspective and
      frame of reference of the player. In multiplayer games each player has his
      own perspective and frame of reference so that none is special. Even if the
      program has a standard frame of reference for general calculations it may
      not be relevant or even noticeable to the players. The same thing goes for
      the conscious observers living in our universe.

      It is also not unexpected that each conscious observer could have their own
      time that may or may not agree with that of others. All this is not only
      possible in the Information Universe but it makes a lot of sense from a
      programming perspective. Furthermore the differences it length observed in
      Special Relativity also makes sense in the Information Universe since space
      is just a coordinate system is the Universes information system it too could
      and would naturally be unique to each conscious observer. This also
      explains the stretchability of space seen in General Relativity since a
      virtual coordinate system can be stretched, bent and other wise manipulated
      by the computing system since it is just numbers.

      The really big achievement of the Information Universe in relation to
      Relativity theory is the reconciliation between General Relativity and
      Quantum mechanics by quantizing space and time into pixels. This has the
      further affect of eliminating any need to deal the infinite gravity that
      would occur at zero radiuses. Even the singularity of a black hole would
      have a not zero radius (1/2 Planck Length) as would a11 fundamental

      So the Information Universe works quite well with Relativity. Not only does
      it explain how it all works but it also reconciles General Relativity with
      Quantum mechanics thus unifying physics.

      ------ Charles Creager Jr.

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