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11359Is an Information Universe Scientific?

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  • Chuck
    Oct 18, 2012

      This is part four of the Information Universe series. See the link for part

      Since the idea stems from scientific experiments it definitely can be
      considered scientific in that sense. The big question that most people
      asking this question would be is it falsifiable? While in one sense the
      answer in no, because the basic principle could produce nearly any
      conceivable universe, but some ideas considered to be science such as string
      theory have the same problem. One thing makes an Information Universe
      potentially falsifiable is that there are things that we would expect and
      not expect in an Information Universe as a result it is essentially
      testable. Also with in the general category of an Information Universe there
      is room for specific models that are clearly falsifiable.

      Hence the conclusion is that an Information Universe is a scientific
      concept. It is not only derived from scientific but produces test results
      and can produce specific falsifiable models of observed phenomenon. As a
      result it can be considered to be scientific.

      ------ Charles Creager Jr.

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