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11355RE: [CreationTalk] Re: New Creation - What will happen - Does it point back to what has happpened?

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  • Stevee Matthews
    Oct 13, 2012
      I never said our bodies would not be physical, of course they will be
      physical or material just like Jesus Christ but that does not mean there is
      flesh and blood does it as the scripture speaks on this topic. If you think
      the Creator is creating bodies exactly in the same manner as our bodies our
      now that would be foolish since our bodies wear out and perish. That is
      what I was saying. Of course it is a new PHYSICAL BODY.

      Now to the NEW Heaven and New earth, the scripture does not say it will be
      "melted down" earth as you suggest. You may suggest it says that but that is
      not what it says. Frankly my point is not what kind of new physical body or
      new earth and new heaven we will have simply that God as the all Powerful
      CREATOR who created everything will be creating new physical bodies a new
      place for the church to life eternally.

      The Bible tells us the God reveals his mind to us and we have the mind of
      Christ the Creator who gives us understanding. I am not arguing with you
      about time and God nor am I suggesting non-physical bodies so please
      understand that. Only because one has the Holy Spirit of God inside,
      revealing truth, leading us, and showing us great and mighty things we do
      not know like Jer 33:3 says do we really understand anything.

      You have missed my points completely because I was simply showing that as a
      Christian Jesus Christ the Creator of everything will again "make all things
      new" including new physical bodies that may look the same but will certainly
      be different than what we have here in this temporary, perishing place.

      The new heavens and the new earth do not use the Greek word for new in age,
      but new in form. The Greek suggests the He will melt down the elementary
      forms and reconstitute the old Earth into a new in form earth. HE is the
      redeemer, the one who restores things. Where do you get the idea that our
      bodies will not be physical? The Bible plainly states that He will save all
      three parts of our existence bodies, soul and spirit. We will have bodies
      like His.

      Elementary ideas are so important. Many Christians follow the elementary
      ideas of the pagan philosopher Plotinus, as adjusted by Augustine. They
      actually imagine that God created time, that He exists outside of time, that
      He sees the future and someday we will have eternal (non physical bodies).
      The Bible, in the original languages, never says any of these things.
      Elementary ideas are critical. They can take one prisoner, just like Paul
      warned. The Western mindset is incompatible with understand the universe or
      its creation.


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