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11352Re: New Creation - What will happen - Does it point back to what has happpened?

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  • VictorM
    Oct 12, 2012
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      --- In CreationTalk@yahoogroups.com, Stevee Matthews <phonehero@...> wrote:
      > _,_._,___As Christians we must pay attention to Colossians 2:8 "Do not let
      > yourselves be captive to hallow and deceptive philosophies based on human
      > traditions and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ."
      > We are warned that the "BASIC PRINCIPLES OF THE WORLD" and philosophy contra
      > to belief in the King and Creator of the Universe Jesus Christ.

      Colossians 2:8 starts out with the imperative form of the Greek verb blepo, to look out, beware, consider. If we do not watch out, we could be lead away as a prisoner of war (sulagogon). This captivity is a present participle, a current action that continues into the future. Paul anticipates that even as Christians in his era should watched out, future Christians must also be wary of captivity. Paul's warnings are about mind control, not physical chains.

      (1) Watch out for philosophy that began when the Greeks attempted to invent a natural science.

      (2) Watch out for vain deceit, deception that is empty, devoid of truth.

      (3) Watch out for the traditions of men. Tradition is instruction, the substance of teaching.

      (4) Watch out that you are not deceived by the elementary principles of the orderly system (stoicheia tou kosmou). Paul used the same phrase in Galatians 4:3. "So also we while we were children were held in bondage under the elementary ideas of the world (stoicheia tou kosmou)." These principles were so basic that even children were put in bondage to them.

      Christians schools teach the elementary principles of the world and philosophy, implicitly without ever explicitly explaining where those elementary ideas came from. We are westerners and we follow the western philosophy can first germinated in the minds of pagan philosophers and later was adjusted to fit their religion by the Catholic scholastics. The western mindset is very difficult to break free from.

      Thousands of Christian young people have serious doubts about creation because they do not know how to separate elementary assumptions from evidence. For example, the evidence from hundreds of billions of ancient galaxies, can cause them to doubt the creation account. They do so because their minds cannot think outside the philosophical box they were pressed into as children. Every atomic clock in billions of galaxies clocks a different frequency from modern atoms. Orbits in billions of galaxies accelerate outwards, exactly as spelled out in the literal text of the Bible. Yet they try to use the western notions of time, ideas that did not even exist during the Biblical age, to interpret both the Bible and the universe. This has caused enormous problems for Christians.

      > So why are those Christians holding to evolutionary philosophy based on
      > naturalism rather than on Christ Jesus? Why is the direct historical
      > account of Genesis 1-11 thrown out the window and explained away to
      > compromise with the "BASIC PRINCIPLES OF THE WORLD" rather than on the King
      > and Creator of the Universe Jesus Christ.
      > Please consider what is coming. It is very easy to understand Chapter 21 of
      > the book of Revelation that heaven and earth will pass away and a new heaven
      > and earth is created by the King and Creator of the universe Jesus Christ.
      > He is the Creator of everything that exists (John 1:3, Col 1:16 please read
      > them every day until you get this!!) and he is going to be creating a brand
      > new heaven and earth and we have the description of it. It will have no sea,
      > it will have no night, it will be paradise, ... He also is going to created
      > new code and new bodies for us. These bodies are not going to be flesh and
      > blood and subject to death like life is now. They are going to be
      > "indestructible" most likely with some special built in energy source in a
      > design crafted perfectly by the King and Creator of the Universe Jesus
      > Christ. These bodies will be able to eat and drink like Jesus did after the
      > resurrection but will not be flesh and blood, no pain, no suffering, no
      > wearing out, eternal and perfect designs.

      The new heavens and the new earth do not use the Greek word for new in age, but new in form. The Greek suggests the He will melt down the elementary forms and reconstitute the old Earth into a new in form earth. HE is the redeemer, the one who restores things. Where do you get the idea that our bodies will not be physical? The Bible plainly states that He will save all three parts of our existence bodies, soul and spirit. We will have bodies like His.

      Elementary ideas are so important. Many Christians follow the elementary ideas of the pagan philosopher Plotinus, as adjusted by Augustine. They actually imagine that God created time, that He exists outside of time, that He sees the future and someday we will have eternal (non physical bodies). The Bible, in the original languages, never says any of these things. Elementary ideas are critical. They can take one prisoner, just like Paul warned. The Western mindset is incompatible with understand the universe or its creation.

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