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Pluto's Atmosphere Indicates Current Geological Activity

http://genesismission.4t.com/Astronomy/Pluto/Pluto_Atmosphere_Indicates_Current_Geological_Activity.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0QOUXzwO98
Charles Creager Jr
10:30 AM

Slightly refiend Eden Model

I have added some Biblical evidence that is satisfied by the post-Flood third application of the Rapid-Formation Model. I also mention again that I know of no
Robert A. Herrmann, Ph.D.
Aug 21

Life and Its Origin - tomorrow at 7pm Pacific

Tune in tomorrow night for another lecture webcast from our "Apologetics Symposium" http://www.nwcreation.net/symposium/Don_Johnson_Aug_20_2015.html
Chris Ashcraft
Aug 19

Introduction to Egyptian Archaeology

I have posted some introductory material on Egyptian Archaeology in includes a short discussion about Egyptian chronology and its relationship to Biblical
Charles Creager Jr
Aug 12

First Close Look at Pluto's Moon Charon

http://genesismission.4t.com/Astronomy/Pluto/pluto_moon_charon.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyay9xtDI7A
Charles Creager Jr
Aug 3

Geological Activity on Pluto

http://genesismission.4t.com/Astronomy/Pluto/more_geological_activity_on_pluto.html http://gscim.com/astro/geological_activity_on_pluto.html
Charles Creager Jr
Jul 27

NASA Announces Discovery of another "Earth like" Planet

http://gscim.com/Science_News/7-15/NASA_Announces_Discovery_of_another_Earth_like_Planet-Kepler-452b.html Kepler-452b orbits a G2-type star in the
Charles Creager Jr
Jul 23

Seattle Creation Conference (Sep 25-26)

The NW Creation Network has been organizing the Seattle Creation Conference since 2004. Videos from our past conferences can be watched free online through our
Chris Ashcraft
Jul 21

Pluto younger than expected

http://genesismission.4t.com/Astronomy/Pluto/surface_ice_on_pluto.html http://genesismission.4t.com/Radiodating/decayrate.html
Charles Creager Jr
Jul 21

Re: SPAM: Re: SPAM: [CreationTalk] Pluto younger than expected

That isn't a problem. True enough, Dr. Brown hesitated to attribute TNO's to Flood ejecta. But when Megan Schwamb observed that the twelve largest TNO's have
Jul 19

Re: SPAM: Re: SPAM: [CreationTalk] Pluto younger than expected

One problem with this even if (Hydroplate Theory it true) is that known mass of Kuiper Belt objects is about 10 X the mass of the asteroid belt and known
Charles Creager Jr
Jul 19

Re: SPAM: [CreationTalk] Pluto younger than expected

Walter T. Brown suggests a third possibility. Pluto and Charon are fairly large--Pluto especially is the largest of TNO's, the King of the Kuiper Belt. The
Jul 19

Re: SPAM: [CreationTalk] Pluto younger than expected

http://genesismission.4t.com/Astronomy/Pluto/pluto.html http://gscim.com/astro/First_look_at_Pluto.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQDepRaTU04 Not only
Charles Creager Jr
Jul 18

Webcast tonight at 7pm Pacific (Battle for the Bible)

Join us for a webcast of our Apologetics Symposium tonight at 7pm Pacific.http://www.nwcreation.net/symposium/Phil_Fernandes_July_16_2015.html Battle for the
Chris Ashcraft
Jul 16

Pluto younger than expected

Pluto and its moons, especially Charon, are much younger than project scientists want to admit. The evidence all points to youth, not age.
Jul 15
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