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Ape-men? Webcast tonight (7 Pacific)

Planet of the Apes? Chris Ashcraft M.S., M.Ed., MTMS Thursday March 19th, 2015 Cedar Park Church  16300 112th Ave NE Bothell, WA 98011 Directions Watch
Chris Ashcraft
Mar 19

Physical laws are not causal

The subject title refers to GGU-model conclusions. Being a cosmogony that yields many distinct universes, the GGU-model dose not apply any physical process to
Robert A. Herrmann, Ph.D.
Mar 19

Re: E.C.Herrmann, Jr Vs Nimoy

Your work was credited tonight in a public forum. Thank you for your dedication. On Mar 4, 2015 2:43 PM, "'Robert A. Herrmann, Ph.D.' drrah@... ...
Benjamin Klett
Mar 10

E.C.Herrmann, Jr Vs Nimoy

(I am presenting this here for various reasons one of which is that it can be read by a larger audience than on the CRSnet.) Who does not know who Nimoy was.
Robert A. Herrmann, Ph.D.
Mar 4

Th Eden Model

I have just posted to my website and to a science e-print service a somewhat revised version of the Eden Model. Since, at present, I accept The Eden Model,
Robert A. Herrmann, Ph.D.
Feb 27

Subcrustal ocean roof found?

A team of geologists recently found a wet or molten layer deep to the earth's crust. Did they find the roof of earth's subcrustal ocean? Examiner:
Feb 21

An Important Announcement

Creation science of today is rather lacking in that we discuss evidence for non-human physical events that occurred thousand of years ago or spend great effort
Robert A. Herrmann, Ph.D.
Feb 11

Re: Young Earth Viewpoint

Benjamin, Chuck has shared on this subject last fall here: Creation Talk https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/CreationTalk/conversations/topics/11984
Feb 9

Re: Young Earth Viewpoint

Benjamin: Let me suggest: http://www.creationscience.com/onlinebook/ The Hydroplate Theory. You will find no better model of the Global Flood. And in his third
Feb 9

Re: Young Earth Viewpoint

Hi Benjamin, Google or go to Creation.com or Answersingenesis.org and search for Russ Humphreys or White Hole Cosmology. You will find detractors from his
Forsythe Guy
Feb 8

Young Earth Viewpoint

Hello! I'll be giving a short presentation soon to a group of college students in order to defend the young earth view. I will be focusing largely on the
Benjamin Klett
Feb 8

I did not do it that way.

I have recently answered a question relative to the construction of the original GGU-model and GID interpretation. This answer may be of interest to the two
Robert A. Herrmann, Ph.D.
Feb 4

New Book

You and all my creation scientist friends will be amazed at my book which was just published that covers details of history kept from the public. It covers not
Jan 29

Why do Creation Scientists like Andrew Snelling deny Po halos

Dr. Andrew Snelling was working at the ICR when he openly denied the typical idea of Po halos in Impact article #353 of November 2002. Robert Gentry had an
Jan 29

No physical processes - Viewpoints

Did you know that the GGU-model is a strong “viewpoint” model? Here is the Patton and Wheeler GGU-Problem “physical process and law” requirements. [6]
Robert A. Herrmann, Ph.D.
Jan 29
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