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The created human spirit I and rationality

Before I present these new predicted results, I am aware that individuals who read my postings still, after all of my years of effort, do not have the basic
Robert A. Herrmann, Ph.D.
Oct 11

36Ar / 38Ar ration comet 67P

Argon gas is more common in Earth's atmosphere than CO2. It is a decay product of Potassium 40. Potassium is very reactive, found in Earth's crust in clays and
Sep 29

Seattle Creation Conference - live webcast - this weekend.

SEATTLE CREATION CONFERENCE SEPTEMBER 25-26, 2015 Our annual conference is taking place this weekend - Friday night and all day Saturday September 25-26, at
Northwest Creation Network
Sep 22

Re: SPAM: [CreationTalk] Stars do not go missing

... While interesting this is not really new. One big problem that evolutionists have is the lack of so called Population III stars; that is stars lacking
Charles Creager Jr
Sep 6

Stars do not go missing

According to astronomers, stars have a life cycle. The earliest stars already exploded, which makes them conveniently undetectable. They seeded the universe
Sep 6

False Norton Virus warning

As many of your know after presenting 28 original or re-print articles on the archive arxir.org and then after the archive moved from a Fed. lab to Cornell
Robert A. Herrmann, Ph.D.
Sep 6

Glen Kuban wrong on Walt Brown

Glen Kuban thinks he has found weaknesses in Walt Brown's Hydroplate theory. He actually exposes weaknesses in the logic of evolutionists.
Sep 6

Pluto's Atmosphere Indicates Current Geological Activity

http://genesismission.4t.com/Astronomy/Pluto/Pluto_Atmosphere_Indicates_Current_Geological_Activity.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0QOUXzwO98
Charles Creager Jr
Aug 29

Slightly refiend Eden Model

I have added some Biblical evidence that is satisfied by the post-Flood third application of the Rapid-Formation Model. I also mention again that I know of no
Robert A. Herrmann, Ph.D.
Aug 21

Life and Its Origin - tomorrow at 7pm Pacific

Tune in tomorrow night for another lecture webcast from our "Apologetics Symposium" http://www.nwcreation.net/symposium/Don_Johnson_Aug_20_2015.html
Chris Ashcraft
Aug 19

Introduction to Egyptian Archaeology

I have posted some introductory material on Egyptian Archaeology in includes a short discussion about Egyptian chronology and its relationship to Biblical
Charles Creager Jr
Aug 12

First Close Look at Pluto's Moon Charon

http://genesismission.4t.com/Astronomy/Pluto/pluto_moon_charon.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyay9xtDI7A
Charles Creager Jr
Aug 3

Geological Activity on Pluto

http://genesismission.4t.com/Astronomy/Pluto/more_geological_activity_on_pluto.html http://gscim.com/astro/geological_activity_on_pluto.html
Charles Creager Jr
Jul 27

NASA Announces Discovery of another "Earth like" Planet

http://gscim.com/Science_News/7-15/NASA_Announces_Discovery_of_another_Earth_like_Planet-Kepler-452b.html Kepler-452b orbits a G2-type star in the
Charles Creager Jr
Jul 23

Seattle Creation Conference (Sep 25-26)

The NW Creation Network has been organizing the Seattle Creation Conference since 2004. Videos from our past conferences can be watched free online through our
Chris Ashcraft
Jul 21
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