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Re: 1. Great Toronto Star review of "By Design or by Chance?"! 2. PE of my ""Origin of life ... Amino acids cannot form proteins spontaneously in water"

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  • Stephen E. Jones
    Group On Sat, 29 May 2004 10:27:28 -0400, Denyse O Leary wrote: DO Great Toronto Star review of By Design or by ... A belated congratulations to Denyse for
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2004

      On Sat, 29 May 2004 10:27:28 -0400, Denyse O'Leary wrote:

      DO>Great Toronto Star review of By Design or by
      >Chance?, May 29, 2004
      >I am really pleased with this favourable review
      >of By Design or by Chance?, because the author
      >takes pains to identify key facts about the
      >controversy.  Denyse

      A belated congratulations to Denyse for this. I have started
      on my Amazon.com book review of BDoBC.


      PS: See PPS and tagline!



      DO>May 29, 2004. 01:00 AM
      >Darwin vs. divine design
      >Toronto author tackles unending conflict between
      >science and religion, creationism and evolution
      >Even among creationists, biblical literalists
      >take issue with the intelligent design camp.
      >By Design Or By Chance:
      >The Growing Controversy On The Origins Of Life
      >In The Universe
      >by Denyse O'Leary
      >Castle Quay, 368 pages, $21.95
      >"Of the three grand old men of the 19th century
      >(or dead white males, depending on your point of
      >view) who dominated the thinking of the 20th
      >century  Marx, Freud and Darwin  only Darwin
      >is left. Will he follow Marx and Freud into
      >By Design Or By Chance
      >Jerome Lawrence co-wrote 39 plays, a dozen of
      >which made it to Broadway. When he died in March
      >at age 88, only one was mentioned in the first
      >line of every obituary: Inherit The Wind.
      >All these obits allowed that Inherit The Wind
      >(first staged in 1955, then filmed in 1960) was
      >"a fictionalized treatment of the Scopes Monkey
      >Trial" of 1925, when a Tennessee teacher faced
      >jail time for teaching evolution.
      >Just how fictional, few are aware. In her new
      >book By Design Or By Chance? The Growing
      >Controversy On The Origins Of Life In The
      >Universe, Toronto journalist Denyse O'Leary sets
      >the record straight:
      >"One Calvin College professor has been in the
      >habit of giving out a prize  a coconut  to the
      >student who spots the most historical errors in
      >the movie, after taking his `Monkey Trial'
      >course, which includes reading the trial
      >transcript. Over 70 errors have been identified
      >so far."
      >She calls Inherit The Wind "a propaganda movie"
      >that "teaches no biology whatsoever. It does,
      >however, teach contempt for evangelical Christians."
      >Read the rest at:


      PPS: Here is a new subsection PE of my "Problems of Evolution"
      book outline (http://members.iinet.net.au/~sejones/pe00cont.html),
      "Origin of life ... Amino acids cannot form proteins spontaneously in

      4. Problems of specific origin of life theories [...]
      2. Protein first
      1. Proteins cannot form spontaneously in water
      Joining amino acids into a growing protein chain requires energy and the
      removal of a water molecule (the removal of an -OH group from the end of
      the chain and an -H from the incoming amino acid). Therefore this cannot
      occur spontaneously in a watery environment, such as a primordial `soup'
      (Raven & Johnson, 1995, p.69). [...]

      BTW, I just found this tagline quote while studying for my Molecular & Cell
      Biology exam! This is not a new criticism: from memory Thaxton et al. made
      it in 1984 in their "Mystery of Life's Origin", but it is nice to get a
      quote from an evolutionist (especially a Biology textbook) admitting the

      The quote is in between a section on how the origin of the first cells
      and life was in the ocean! Maybe Raven wrote one section and Johnson
      the other? :-) The section containing the tagline quote then goes on
      to argue half-heartedly for Cairns Smith's silicate clay origin of life
      theory (but without calling it that).

      "It is not clear how in the dilute, nonliving (prevital) soup of the early earth
      the more complex molecules characteristic of life were formed. Among the
      many questions that arise, one is particularly significant: How did amino
      acids aggregate spontaneously to form the first proteins? The question is a
      puzzle because it seems to defy what we know of the laws of chemistry.
      Biological proteins form by the joining of subunits into chains. The
      addition of each element to the growing chain requires the input of energy
      and the removal of a water molecule. This addition is accomplished by the
      removal of an -OH group from the end of the chain and an -H from the
      incoming element. Because this reaction is chemically reversible, an excess
      of water should in principle drive the reaction in the direction of breakdown
      of the molecule rather than synthesis. The puzzle is that these reactions
      critical to the evolution of life are thought to have taken place within the
      oceans and therefore in a high excess of water. It is difficult to imagine that
      the spontaneous formation of proteins could have occurred under these
      conditions." (Raven P.H. & Johnson G.B., "Biology," [1986], Wm. C.
      Brown: Dubuque IA, Third Edition, 1995, p.69)
      Stephen E. Jones http://members.iinet.net.au/~sejones
      Moderator: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CreationEvolutionDesign
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