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  • Stephen E. Jones
    Group My name is Stephen E. (Steve) Jones and I am the Moderator of this List. Here is a brief introduction which I have decided to place in the form of an
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 7, 2001

      My name is Stephen E. (Steve) Jones and I am the Moderator of this

      Here is a brief introduction which I have decided to place in the
      form of an FAQ.

      My practice is to post all my posts to the Group and not to any
      individual. I find that this cuts down some of the unpleasantness
      which may arise from taking things too personally.

      My policy is not to get involved in private discussions on
      creation/evolution/ID because: a) I don't have the time; and b) I
      regard these as topics which should be discussed *publicly* .




      Q. Who are you?

      My name is Stephen E. (Steve) Jones. I am 54 years of age, Australian and
      have been a Christian since 1967. Originally I was an atheist from a non-
      Christian home but I came to believe in God through the evidence of design
      in nature. I did not become a Christian until about 1-2 years after that.

      As a Christian I started off as a Progressive Creationist, became a Theistic
      Evolutionist and now I call myself a Mediate Creationist. See also the FAQ
      at http://members.iinet.net.au/~sejones/faqiposs.html on various Creation-
      Evolution positions.

      That is, I believe (on the basis of Genesis 1) that God created the raw
      materials of the universe immediately (i.e. directly) from out-of-nothing,
      and thereafter He created mediately by working (both naturally and
      supernaturally) using existing materials and natural processes.

      Mediate Creation (MC) is a form of Old-Earth Creation (OEC), and
      therefore I accept that the universe is tens of billions of years old and the
      Earth is about 4.6 billion years old. Mediate Creation in closest to the
      position known as Progressive Creation (PC), but differs from versions of
      PC which posit ongoing ex nihilo creation of whole new organisms. MC
      differs from Theistic Evolution (TE) in that it accepts the possibility of God
      having intervened supernaturally many times in natural history.

      My basic approach on Bible-science issues is that I assume that the Bible
      and nature are two books with the one Author and therefore, when all the
      facts are known and misinterpretations are cleared away, these two aspects
      of God's revelation, Special and General, will be seen to be in mutually
      supporting agreement. I regard Genesis 1-11 as symbolic history (i.e. real
      history expressed in symbolic form).

      I have been debating creation/evolution first on Fidonet, and then on the
      Internet, since 1994. I am a layman but am in my first year of a part-time
      Bachelor of Science (Biology) degree. I am a member of the Intelligent
      Design (ID) movement.

      I would have no major problems if evolution was 100% true (in fact while
      a committed Christian I believed that evolution was true for about 10
      years), because the God of the Bible is fully in control of all events, even
      those that seem random to man (Prov. 16:33; 1 Kings 22:34). But I believe
      the scientific evidence is pointing strongly to the intervention/guidance of
      an intelligent designer in the history of life. I assume this intelligent
      designer to be the Christian God. However, the identity of the designer is
      outside the scope of ID, which aims to empirically detect design, not
      identify the designer.

      I accept the Common Ancestry Hypothesis (with some qualifications). The
      scientific evidence for it is strong and, if anything, the Biblical evidence is
      also in its favour. However, common ancestry is not uniquely supportive of
      Naturalistic Evolution but is also supportive of Mediate Creation.

      For further information see my testimony at:

      Stephen E. (Steve) Jones

      "Biology is the study of complicated things that give the appearance of
      having been designed for a purpose." (Dawkins R., "The Blind
      Watchmaker," [1986], Penguin: London, 1991, reprint, p.1)
      Stephen E. Jones, Ph. +61 8 9448 7439. http://www.iinet.net.au/~sejones
      Moderator: CreationEvolutionDesign@yahoogroups.com
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