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7712Re: PE Naturalism refuted by supernatural Biblical prophecies (e.g. Mic 5:2 & Dn 9:24-26, etc ...)

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  • Donald McLaughlin
    Jan 16, 2004
      Paul: Elf do you understand the stupidity of maintaining an argument
      that the Jesus of the gospels was never born when not a single
      historian or scholor of any standing would argue that the evidence
      indicates that Jesus never existed. This non-existent target is the
      creation of self-delusion or maybe you're not really serious. Do
      you make statements like this in an effort to annoy?


      I'm beginning to suspect that he is doing exactly that. Every one of Elf's
      "arguments" are those that have been refuted time and again by theologians,
      philosophers and apologists for centuries. He seems to be pretending that
      his "arguments" are new in some way and also pretending that he hasn't read
      or isn't aware of any of the refutations that have been given in numerous
      sources. More and more it looks like he just wants attention.

      If we cease "debating" him, he'll claim it was because we didn't have any
      counter-arguments and he'll break him arm patting himself on the back for
      his "victory". If we continue, he'll continue his "yes but" game ad
      nauseum. My conclusion: Elf isn't interested in honest debate or
      discussion. He's only interested in playing games. He will not accept ANY
      argument in support of Christianity as valid or true. He will not accept
      ANY refutation of his "arguments" as logically valid. He will not admit to
      ANY fallacies in his own "arguments", no matter how obvious and glaring they
      are. What's the point of continuing discussions with him?
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