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7703Re: PE Naturalism refuted by supernatural Biblical prophecies (e.g. Mic 5:2 & Dn 9:24-26, etc ...)

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  • elf
    Jan 15, 2004

      >I always find it interesting when my atheist/agnostic opponents cannot even
      >bring themselves to capitalise "God", when that is just proper English

      Proper usage is to capitalize when referring to a speccific god,
      so above yes I did make a typo and fail to capitalize in the phrase "in
      fact God himself" above, but in the phrase "supernatural birth of a god"
      there is no rule requiring the word to be capitalized.

      Are you already reduced to grammar flames?

      >whether or not one believes He exists.
      >The `body language' message I receive is not of an atheist/agnostic serene
      >in his disbelief in God, but rather of someone who thinks God is real
      >enough to be cause them to put God's name in lower case, to try to make
      >Him seem less real!

      The body language message you are getting from me is that I was
      writing at midnight my time and the spell checker doesn't catch
      capitalization errors.

      The "body language message" I'm getting from you is that you're
      reduced to grammar flames.

      >EC>Ergo anyone who accepts the debate on your
      > >terms has already accepted the existence of the supernatural by accepting
      > >the existence of a supernatural god-man.
      >No, (3) is my "Argument from Evidence"! It is up to Elf (or anyone) to
      >provide counter arguments and evidence to rebut it.

      If one has already yielded the conclusion by accepting that there
      was a supernatual Messiah born who could have been the subject of a
      prophecy, then he can't be too bright, since one has already admitted to
      the existence of the supernatural, eh?

      >If Elf (or anyone)
      >doesn't, then it stands. That is normal scientific practice that a theory
      >accounts for the evidence, and is published openly inviting refutation,
      >stands until it is refuted by better evidence and arguments.

      Lets try a different tack. Let's say I *were* going to debate the
      subject, my first argument would be that Daniel isn't a prophecy *because*
      the Jesus of the gospels was never born, the events supposedly of his life
      depicted in the gospels never happened, ergo Daniel fails as a prophecy
      because *even if* it's a prophecy of a Messiah, *that Messiah* was never born.

      Which means that right out of the starting gate all of those
      arguments you have locked and loaded and ready to go now are aimed at a
      non-existent target.

      Do you understand now?



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