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  • Chris Doyle
    Jul 22, 2005
      Dear Group,

      I didn't want my final post to CED to be one that attacks
      Christianity. Despite everything I said Christians, Jews and Muslims
      as believers are on a much surer path than atheists as non-believers.
      Creationists have the facts overwhelmingly on their side,
      evolutionists do not. On the contrary, the rational basis for faith in
      evolution is so weak now, that there is hardly anything constructive
      an evolutionist can bring to the debate any more. As our knowledge of
      the universe we live in increases, the case for God and Design becomes
      increasingly convincing. The degree of biological complexity and
      information found on this planet alone is enough to rule out the
      slightest possibility that life could have evolved in a random,
      unguided manner. Denial of Intelligent Design is now nothing more than
      a demonstration of ignorance and delusion.

      CED represented the last chance that a lot of evolutionists had to
      make their case free from personal attacks. Ironically, we have
      confirmed that a lot of evolutionists don't actually have a case to
      make and therefore resort to nothing but personal attacks. There are
      now a number of evolutionist back-slapping clubs (such as the pathetic
      "anti-ced" group) filled with sad, lonely, insecure, ignorant and
      twisted people who have no life and therefore nothing better to do
      than to allow their hatred of God and believers to consume them. Like
      all stupid bullies, they draw strength in numbers but are truly
      nothing more than ignorant cowards. Even when biologists universally
      reject their faith in evolution (and that day is coming), the
      "anti-ced" cowards will continue to irrationally hate God and
      believers because they are losers and, deep down, they know it.

      Steve, I'm very sorry that my final exchange with you was a
      disagreement about Christianity. I trust that it is clear that
      although I was strongly attacking the position, I would never attack
      the Christian. I respect Christians enormously and if the world was
      full of Christians, it would be a much, much better place. I am also
      sorry that I may have broken CED rules in the previous paragraph, much
      as I cherish them, there are times when we all act a little recklessly
      and I figured it's now or never for me in CED! I hope you'll forgive
      me on both counts.

      I wish Steve and all group members the best of luck and maybe I'll see
      some of you around in another forum.

      Take Care,

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