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  • Paul
    Jul 21, 2005
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      --- Bilim <creationistsunite@...> wrote:

      > Hi Steve!
      > I would like to take this opportunity for your
      > fruitful work with CED. I have found this list to be
      > informative and kept active by highly skilled
      > debaters. Though not much of a lurker to many
      > creation-evolution lists, i think i can rightly say
      > CED does make (or rather has made) a difference. As
      > all members would appreciate, it was very generous
      > of you to take the time to supply each post of yours
      > with a tag-line quote.
      > I emphatize that creationist members, being
      > information miners against evolutionism all of us,
      > should be happy with your decision to switch to
      > blogging. For the very reason that your blog will
      > offer much more "concentrated gold" than CED does.
      > Cedders! I tell you: You are at loss if you are not
      > connected to Steve's mind! Thank God, he has a mind
      > that has penetrated to over 1.000 origins books.
      > And I also thank Paul K who has been keen on
      > answering virtually all questions in the group,
      > showing he is "always prepared to give an answer".
      > He has invested great time and efforts to CED, which
      > have certainly contributed to the running of the
      > company.
      > All the best wishes in your efforts to defend faith
      > in God with knowledge,
      > Bilim

      Thanks for the kind words Bilim. As the list closes I
      wish to acknowledge the contributions of both my
      opponents and those with whom I am in general
      agreement. I'll mention Paul A and Pi both of whom
      have exchanged many messages with me. I've enjoyed it
      for the most part even though we have disagreed.
      Cliff and I agree about almost nothing but Cliff has
      been a gentleman and his behavoir stands in sharp
      contrast to the norm for these types of groups.
      Thanks also to Daniel for his knowledgable input.

      In addition to Bilim I want to express my appreciation
      to Denyse for her skillfull writing and sometimes
      amusing comments. Her dogged pursuit of stories has
      benefited the group. I'm glad I was able to exchanges
      views with Phil Skell; a couragous and distinguished
      scientist. I look forward to Alan's comments both on
      and off-list.

      Most of all I want to thank Stephen Jones. You put
      together a successful discussion group and have
      endured no shortage of crticism in doing so.
      Unmoderated lists either bocome the preserve of one
      viewpoint or are the scene of exchanges marked by
      continuous ad homs and insults. I anticipate that
      your blog and book will do well.

      Take care,

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