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14644The End of CED

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  • John Distazo
    Jul 21, 2005
      Ah, the end of CED. Well, I won't hate to see it go, nor miss it much. It's
      been infamous for years as the home of Steve "the Control Freak" Jones, who
      has played big fish (or Ichthus, if you will) in the small, scummy pond of
      creationism. I have to admit I've seen a lot of good debate here, but none
      of it coming from Steve or his minions, who've all seen fit to flout his
      rules as Steve winks and turns a blind eye to it while muzzling his
      opponents at the drop of his moderator's hat.
      Goodbye PKPaul, goodbye AlanC, goodbye Chris Doyle, you were all
      interesting discussion partners, though we didn't discuss much evolution,
      did we? No, we were mostly on about various religious topics, something that
      shouldn't have held much sway given the scientific nature of evolution and
      what creationism and intelligent design is supposed to be about. But, alas,
      Steve held it was on-topic, and you all seemed eager to debate it with me.
      Even Steve would get into it with me, all the while protesting he didn't
      have time for such things while he was writing his book. Now those books on
      the shroud of Turin will have to be used on his blog.
      What I'm really going to miss is Tom Curtis's scathing and relentless
      pursuits of Steve's hypocrisy and heavy-handedness, Pi's calm measured
      responses, and PaulA's patience in dealing the obtuse stubbornness of the
      creationists in this group. But hey, they're all in anti-CED now, so I'll
      still have a chance to see them as we continue to watch evolution in action.

      Oh yeah, John Beadle pointed out that Steve said that if Anti-CED lasted
      longer than CED then in effect Anti-CED has won. And so it seems that
      Anti-CED will win come July 22. Of course, CED will still be around... sort
      of. No one will be able to post (except Steve the moderator, and he'll be
      busy with his book, which will never be finished).
      I think before he ends the list Steve should rename it to OCD (Orthodox
      Creation/Design), which incidentally are the initials of a certain disorder
      someone suffers from, especially when it comes to getting his hot buttons
      pushed and to generating mega-posts due to an offhand comment from various
      Religion is the greatest untreated disease
      of the twenty-first century.
      -- John Distazo

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