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14642Re: Unposted quotes: 2002-2004 #6 (was Faith V Law ...)

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  • Cliff Lundberg
    Jul 21, 2005
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      From: "Stephen E. Jones" <sejones@...>
      > "Spencer's philosophical dictum that homogeneity passes to
      > heterogeneity
      > is applicable to any theory of evolution, as it specifies no
      > method and is
      > directly contradicted by the pronounced persistence of
      > undifferentiated or
      > homogeneous forms of life..." (More L.T., "The Dogma of
      > Evolution,"

      Rather a blunt dismissal of a profound principle, in a field where
      principles are rare.

      The methods of change are irrelevant. Identical animals that have
      potentiality of varying *may* become non-identical. But
      organisms becoming identical is far less likely, if not
      Identical segments lose their homogeneity as they are distorted
      into specialized roles. Identical species evolve into specialized
      and lose their homogeneity. The reverse doesn't happen at either

      Without education, just working on his own, Spencer wrote Social
      a pioneering sociology text. Then he sat down cold and wrote
      Principles of
      Psychology, which served as a standard text in the beginning years
      that science. Spencer learned science by scanning popular
      magazines at
      his club, when not playing billiards. All he needed was to just
      get the
      drift of new ideas--no point in scholarly drudgery. My kind of
      George Sand commented on his smooth brow, and he told her it was
      because he had never been puzzled by anything.

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