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1355Re: The ID movement

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  • Brian D Harper
    Oct 9, 2001
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      At 05:57 PM 10/7/01 +0800, Steve wrote:


      >DN>Below is the first of a series of extracts from my article "Intelligent
      > >theory: the way forward?", Stimulus, volume 9, issue 2, May 2001, pp.8-13.
      >Don in his self-introduction had said that "Stimulus" was "The NZ
      >Journal of Christian Thought and Practice". This is significant in that
      >Don is writing as a Christian, in a Christian journal, attacking a
      >movement that advocates design and defending Darwinism, a
      >movement that denies design.

      I have a hard time understanding this statement unless it is
      based on the premise that ID is a Christian movement. Can
      you clarify?

      Also, IMHO, speculations about motives, priorities etc. should not
      enter these discussions.

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      less than what you are refusing to answer."
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