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FW: Nick Herring

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Nick Herring
Jun 18, 2013

good luck Mary Hoge

news http://www.urkind.de/csvqq/kuskgyioui.htm Mary Hoge
Mary Hoge
Jun 10, 2013

Re: Game this Thursday, 18

Flames of initiation sounds good ... -- www.joshuapike.net www.projectenterprise.net
Josh PIke
Nov 16, 2010

Game this Thursday, 18

There will be a game this Thursday. I'm having Internet issues at the moment and can't do my usual update message, so I'm doing all of this from my iPhone. I
Nov 15, 2010

Re: No game this Thursday, 11/4

Nick - Are you on facebook? If so, please send me a friend request. Mary in Garland, TX Ravelry ID: amethystfairy   ... From: Nick
Mary Hoge
Nov 3, 2010

No game this Thursday, 11/4

Due to a huge lack of members, there won't be a game this Thursday. Instead, I will be making more advertisements and posters to place around town. I'm sorry
Nov 3, 2010

Changed my mind, Sign-ups are ready for 10/28

Okay, so I may have told a couple of you that I won't be doing any D&D this week. Well, I've changed my mind, and will try again anyways. I'm going to try to
Oct 24, 2010

Supporting Yule Con

Yule Con Warhorn Signups Open Yule Con is coming up soon. November 12th through the 14th are the dates at the American Airlines Training Center at 183 & 360
Oct 17, 2010

Signups are ready for 10/21 !

Sign-ups are up and running on the Warhorn site, so please tell your friends have them sign up too! NEW TIMES!!! It's only a little bit later, but I'm hoping
Oct 17, 2010

Signups are ready for Oct 14h

VERY sorry for the insane delay in making this, I've had some recent issues at home that took up quite a bit of my time, and I was unable to get to the desktop
Oct 12, 2010

Sorry for the delay everybody

I've been wound up in some really stressful events and haven't had a chance to prepare the sign ups for Thursday yet. I'll try to get it going tonight so it's
Oct 12, 2010

Warning if impending doom!

Looks like we're not going to make it tonight, folks! Robin won't be showing up because of other engagements, so that leaves us with only two players. T_T We
Oct 7, 2010

Re: Thursday Oct 7th

I'm afraid not. I only know enough to just get by. I bought my roommate's old computer, so I didn't do any research for shopping or anything. I'm sorry >_
Nick Herring
Oct 5, 2010

computer question

It depends on what you want the computer for.  Do you just need it for internet and email or do you play lots of games like WoW and EQ2?  For the best
Chris Gilbert
Oct 5, 2010

Re: Thursday Oct 7th

I think have finally gotten it. I am having some horrible computer problems. I just pulled it up on a different computer and the reason I could not find it is
Robin Weiss
Oct 5, 2010
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