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Re: Isaac Bonwits: Desperate Times

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  • vecchiano02
    For those of you not familiar with the man, the bio is only part of the picture. Of course he has been one of the influential characters in the revival of
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 3, 2004
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      For those of you not familiar with the man, the bio is only part of
      the picture. Of course he has been one of the influential characters
      in the revival of paganism in the US, particularly Druidry, for
      decades. But further, he is a man who has given of himself to share
      his knowledge and discoveries. He has been a regular at the Starwood
      Festival which I attend often, and has been quite accessible there,
      and is known to help others when he can. Sometimes we should return
      the gift our elders have given us if we can.
      I understand there has been a good response from the community and
      with a little more assistance they can be back on their feet. And
      let's remember the elders in our local communities as well when we
      see them come on hard times. This can take the form of helping find
      employment, affordable houseing, sending encouragement and energy
      when bad times or health issues hit hard. The things any
      compassionate person would do for a friend.

      If youa re not aware yet, Donna Schultz (nee Cole) is in the hospital
      with a recurrance of cancer. Donna was a founder of Chicago Pagan
      Way, which helped lead the way in reviving paganism here in
      Chicagoland long ago. Following that, Donna has long been the HPS of
      Sacred Stones. She is also a personal friend. Please send her good
      healing energies. (Depending on your system, lets be careful to
      consider the moon, don't want to inadvertantly give growth energy to
      the cancer instead of Donna's spirit and healthy cells)

      Share your love, compassion, and light.
      Be well,

      --- In Crafty_Crafters_IL@yahoogroups.com, "Mike" <mike@c...> wrote:
      > Merry Meet All,
      > I found this notice on WitchVox and felt that I should pass
      this on
      > to our community.
      > Dear brothers and sisters,
      > It is with profound regret and embarrassment that I issue a plea
      for help to
      > my readers, those who have enjoyed my workshops over the years, and
      > who appreciate my work.
      > As many of you may know, I resigned as the original Archdruid of
      ADF back in
      > 1996 because my health had deteriorated so badly (due to the
      > poisoning) that I was unable to handle my duties as Archdruid or
      the stress
      > of leadership in an organization as full of feisty individuals as
      ADF is.
      > My health has been down, then up, then down again; usually getting
      worse in
      > the winters and better in the summers. Never has it been good
      enough to
      > allow me to return to the sort of corporate 9-5 that I used to be
      able to
      > manage, especially since corporations don't like workers falling
      asleep at
      > their desks every day.
      > I've been eking out my survival since, with a few good years after
      my legal
      > settlement came in, but most of that income was drained away by
      some bad
      > financial decisions, followed by a long period of income from
      > speaking, and webwork just not matching outgo. My SSI Disability
      > were cut off a few years ago and the rules for getting back on
      again are
      > more brutal than ever.
      > For all of 2003 I spent my time and energy trying to get my own
      > publishing company going and living on the last of my savings. Well
      > company is doing well, but it won't be bringing me in any real
      income for
      > several months or a year at least, and my savings are long gone.
      > Recently I've posted mp3s and ebooks for sale on my website and been
      > scrambling for other ways to generate income, including trying to
      get more
      > speaking gigs, but nothing is happening fast enough for our current
      > My fiance has a full time job, thank the Gods, but it doesn't bring
      > enough to even pay the rent. Neither of us have had money for
      medication for
      > several months (mine I will be able to get soon, but hers is quite
      > and free samples are not available) . Neither of us can get the
      > or other medical care we've needed since suffering two car
      accidents last
      > year. Her car was just repossessed a couple of weeks ago and mine
      may be
      > next. The landlord has already started eviction proceedings, and
      the gas and
      > electricity will be turned off soon if we can't pay the bill.
      > Other Pagan elders have wound up homeless and living on the street.
      I really
      > don't want to join them, but I sincerely fear that that is exactly
      what is
      > going to happen if we don't get some help fast.
      > Please don't tell me that, since I'm such a famous magician,
      I "ought" to be
      > able to do all the money magic I need. There are several kinds of
      magic that
      > I'm good at, but money magic has never been among them. When I've
      had money
      > to spare I've always given it generously to good causes and needy
      > individuals. Now I have to ask for help from those who have said
      they are
      > glad I've done the work I've done. I know I'm not the only one
      > financially right now. Other Pagan elders are having serious
      trouble too,
      > hundreds of Pagans have been "downsized, " and millions of others
      > suffering in this supposedly "recovering" economy.
      > But I can't think of anything else to do but ask my readers and
      those who
      > feel they have benefited from my teaching to help us out of this
      hole. It
      > has taken me weeks of agonizing to get to this point, and I am
      acting only
      > after several paying projects were canceled at the last moment.
      *Please, *
      > if you can't make an outright donation to us at my PayPal account
      > (ibonewits@n...) , or my Amazon Honor System Account, either of
      > which can be accessed by buttons on my homepage, or buy one of the
      > tangible products I've tried to sell via my website and my Cafe
      Press shop
      > over the last few years, or organize a paying gig in your home town-
      -all of
      > which I know will be true for many of you--at least get together
      with some
      > friends and pray for us. We need healing, protection, and yes,
      > prosperity to survive.
      > If my own readers, students, and webfans won't do it, who will?
      > tiredly,
      > Isaac
      > A few additional notes:
      > I don't want any more nasty email from hostile critics. I'm
      depressed enough
      > already. And if you think this was embarrassing to read, think what
      it was
      > like for me to write it. Living in a goldfish bowl Isn't Much Fun.
      > If you are an inch away from eviction yourself, or wondering where
      > grocery money is going to come from, *don't* send me money. But
      find out if
      > you have Pagan elders in your town who might need a little physical
      > emotional help, then give it to *them.*
      > As of Thursday Feb. 26th, many people have purchased ebooks or
      mp3s, or made
      > direct donations--some of them quite generous, considering people's
      > circumstances. We're now about 45% of the way out of our hole and
      > following some of the suggestions we've received for getting cheaper
      > medications. All the emergency bills have been paid and our rent is
      > till March 1st. We are deeply grateful for the love that so many
      have shown
      > us. Something that is perhaps more important than this response to
      one Pagan
      > elder's plight, however, is that we're hearing more and more folks
      > about the need to set up long term solutions to help all of us old
      coots who
      > have worked so hard for this community. If we are to be a healthy
      > functional family of religions, we can't just use up and throw away
      > elders, whether sages or crones.
      > As requested, those who don't have access to Paypal or the Amazon
      > System can snailmail donations to: Isaac Bonewits, PO Box 1010,
      Nyack, NY
      > 10960-8010, USA.
      > My site and (ibonewits@n...) eddress are now back up and
      > functioning.
      > Website: http://www.neopagan.net
      > Blessed Be!
      > Mike Smith
      > Founder of: Crafty Crafter's Expo, inc.
      > Pagan Travel Network
      > Proud Sponsor of The Witches Voice
      > & WitchSchool.com
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