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792There's still time to Join The World of Faeries Festival

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  • Sparky
    Apr 7, 2012
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      It's not to late to sign up for the 8th annual World of Faeries
      Festival in South Elgin, IL beautiful Vasa park under the ancient oaks.
      All basic size spaces are 10x10 spaces. for the weekend of August 4th
      and 5th, 2012. Two businesses can also share a space. This is a themed
      event which is like a renaissance faire, except the vendors and public
      come dressed in fairy, fantasy outfits. This year our theme is pirates
      and fairies in "Pieces of Eight" for our 8th annual. Next year we are
      planning Steampunk fairy and for our 10th (yea) - Dragons.
      Details are on website at www.theworldoffaeries.com Click on Vendor Info
      on lefthand side or call me at 815-788-1630
      to process credit card and we also acceptPayPal. Please toggle PayPal
      screen to personal before sending money, so theydon't take out extra
      fees. Thank you.
      Hope you will be joining us for a fun weekend. Videos are also on the
      Thank you to all the supporters of this event and Crafty Crafters Expo
      Many vendors who used to join Dave and I for Crafty Crafters have joined
      us for The World of Faeries Fest. There is still hope when Dave and I
      are a bit more financially viable we will continue with the Crafty
      Crafters Expos for a few Expos a year to combine many wonderful crafts,
      networking, new age practitioners etc. I do believe that 2012 is the
      year of turnaround for many crafters, vendors and our first two shows of
      the year were a big success. (almost like the old days). We will
      continue to look for opportunities for Crafty Crafters to showcase.

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