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  • Sparky
    Jul 6, 2011
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      It's sad to say that Crafty Crafters Expo might be seeing its last days.
      I am unable to spend the time to look for new venues and lack the money
      to be able to book places. It was a dream of mine and David's to be
      able to keep it going and when we were at Countryside last year, we felt
      that maybe we would be able to make a go at it again. But Countryside
      had all these rules and regs about advertising. Our shows were lightly
      attended and I didn't want to see the vendors suffer. They are the best
      group of people I have come to know.
      Dave and I have both been unemployed from our full time jobs for years
      now and heading into retirement age, employers want young people and no
      one wants gray haired folks. They give us a song and dance when we know
      what the real truth is. We both have part time jobs but no benefits and
      that is hard. We keep trying. The economy has been slow to recover.
      We still see places that might be a good place for Crafty Crafters and I
      never give up on it. There are enough good vendors and crafters out
      there to make a good quality show and I won't do anything less and I
      want the vendors to do well.
      Anyway We're winding down with plans for the World of Faeries festival
      and last details to wind up. Looking forward to seeing old friends and
      new. Please join us for our 7th annual event a celebration of the Elven
      Star fairy festival. We have wonderful music lined up, great oak trees
      to sit under and great shopping in our artisan village. Some of the
      best handcrafted items, fairy and fantasy artists will be here local to
      Illinois and the surrounding states. Details, videos of last year,
      directions, list of merchants and more can be found on our website at
      We will stay in touch and we can network here. Please do. If you know
      of good shows, post them here. Feel free to do that. Crafty Crafters
      was always about networking and being a family. We need to have good
      places to make money and show our crafts. And there are alot of good
      shows out there. I thank all of you who have been part of our "family"
      for over 8 years, 9 years, 10 years ? I lose count. Many of you have
      joined us for the festival and many of you still stay in touch. I am
      blessed to know all of you.
      Blessings Glo

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