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Re: Birthday Wishes a la janet hutchison and more

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  • loring jahnke
    ... loringelizabeth (XIG) jahnke ( 69) here at a not-so-islandy 45N. As the still missing Janet Hutchison (1960s CHS faculty--French) might say if she used
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2001
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      Adele Johler Roupp ('66) wrote:

      > Happy Birthday to John Coyle (11/2)!!!!

      loringelizabeth (XIG) jahnke ('69) here at a not-so-islandy 45N.

      As the still missing Janet Hutchison (1960s CHS faculty--French) might say if she used http://world.altavista.com/tr to translate,

      Joyeux anniversaire et beaucoup, beaucoup plus, John.

      As an aside because John's birthday got me thinking that my first year of university was a testament to CHS and Janet Hutchison's teaching, despite her youth and propensity for going off on tangents, she taught me french so as to benefit me in a way she could never have planned.

      When I showed up for orientation at the University of South Carolina where I matriculated for two years after CHS, they gave me tests to determine where to install me in math and french. I tested into, I think, the third semester for math, but into the fourth semester for french. This meant that I had to take the designated semester of each but if I passed that level of university course, I got credit for the earlier semesters. Thus, if I passed math-3, I got three credits for that, plus three credits each for the first two courses, for a total of nine credits at the end of my first semester. Larry Jones gets a large part of the honor here but he shared it with other CHS math teachers. Janet Hutchison alone taught me french. I took university french-4 for three credits and got three credits each for the first three courses, for a total of 12 credits after one course.

      In short, at the end of my first semester at USC, I had credits coming out my ears and I was considered a sophomore. Which might be no big deal except that this occurred back in the days when dorms were segregated and students of the opposite sex were only allowed in the dorm lobby. Dorm doors were locked at 10 pm and the onduty residence hall counselor had to be rung up to let you in after that, and she was always grumpy, and always shuffled out of the elevator wearing her jammies and robe and slippers, and with her hair falling out of her hairnet even if it was only 10:10 pm, and then she wrote you up for being late.

      As a sophomore, you could stay out until 2 am if you got your parent to sign off for you, which my mother happily did when I claimed that I needed later hours if I wanted to get babysitting jobs.


      So thanks to the CHS math faculty and Janet Hutchison, I only had to endure four months of the indignity of being a freshman.

      I think Miss Hutchison would have liked that.

      Anyway, John, in English, you're another year older today. Enjoy it. Play your trombone.

      loringelizabethjahnke ('69)

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