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  • Will Kelton
    OK...sorry..a bit of a tease but... IT S TRUE! Because of outstanding orders, especially in the meat department, and because of demand as well, Melia s will
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2001
      OK...sorry..a bit of a tease but...

      IT'S TRUE! Because of outstanding orders, especially in the meat department, and because of demand as well, Melia's will remain open at least through May 2nd!

      Of course it's just a short stay. The Die is cast and ultimately the store will close for good to be replaced by offices, probably by the end of June.

      Cougs you should have seen, and will when I get finished sorting through the dozens of pictures, the turnout last Friday to kiss the store good-bye. A melancholy mood hung over everyone with the possible exception of Myrt who seemed happy as a pup at the prospect of retiring and sailing westward over the sea - yo ho.

      But even chomping at the bit to move into his well-deserved senior lifestyle, Myrt admitted that the memories of all the years did give him pause. I think he was suprised by the number of people who came to say good-bye.

      Not to commplain but maybe if the people still in the neighborhood, myself included, had displayed similar enthusiasm over the last few years there would have been an effort to keep the Last of the Crafton Business Traditions going. Myrt might have been persuaded to find someone to run the business while he enjoyed the fruits of his life's work.

      While older customers returned for the meat with lots of us just phoning in orders for a roast or chops, other stock on Melia's shelves wasted away. Most of us thought only to patronize the store as an afterthought. A last minute meal, a quart of milk and maybe a candybar for the kidz. That was about it. The Shopping Center or worse yet stores out of the community seduced us with huge selections and coupons and one stop shopping.

      And it was only when we realized that the store was going away we selfishly realized what we were losing. Not just a Mom 'n' Pop grocery, but all the stores and traditions and memories that have faded as we took them for granted. Melia's was a piece of Our Town. In fact one of the last pieces.

      "Can't you see, the sun's setting fast?
      And just like they say nothing good ever lasts.
      So go on now and kiss it good-bye
      But hold on to your Lover
      'cause your heart's bound to die.
      Go on and say good-bye to Our Town.
      to Our Town.
      Good night"

      Iris DeMent "Our Town"

      willbill Kelton '68
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