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Re: .Baron Batch: When ripples collide

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  • William Kirkpatrick
    hub 59 here, I love the ripples story. I call them God incidences, not ripples. I have only been aware of them since March 26th 1972. That God
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      hub 59 here,

      I love the "ripples" story. I call them "God incidences," not "ripples."

      I have only been aware of them since March 26th 1972. That "God incident" was when I realized I wasn't mentally ill, like my Mom, but that I was an Alcoholic. Three months later when I want to see a good friend and rector about believing in a higher power he wasn't there. The assistant was there and through him I started to believe in a higher power. July 7th, 1972, in Altoona, wanting to drink so bad I didn't know what to do. Went to see a sober customer in Cresson and he wasn't there. Drove to Johnstown on that hot friday afternoon looking for this guy's sponsor I had never met. He wasn't in his print shop but his son gave me very careful directions to the Mercy Hall clinic. He and three others listened to me whine but told me I was lucky to make it sober. All of the sudden peace came over me. That evening I got a sponsor I could talk to. Since that time I have had many many other "God Incidences" in my life. I think the most important but most tragic one was that I came home early enough to be with Jan when she died.

      The only way to see the "Ripples" or "God Incidences" is to stay open and willing to trust that each day will be a good day.

      Hub Kirkpatrick, '59
      Tarpon Springs, FL
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