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Re: A visit to Wal-Mart

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  • William Kirkpatrick
    ... Hub 59 here, Looking at their hands. I enjoyed Scott s story about Walmart. Last night we came home from a short but enjoyable stay in London. We are Judi
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      > Scott Green Sr. �36 here,
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      > A few days ago I went to my local Wal-Mart with an extensive list and the intention to observe the people around me. I have learned that Wal-mart is the best place for People-Watching and I was not disappointed in this visit. In no other place will you find a more varied gathering of races, sizes and shapes, genders and ages.
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      > Scott Green, Sr., '36
      > Pleasant Hills, PA

      Hub 59 here,

      Looking at their hands.

      I enjoyed Scott's story about Walmart. Last night we came home from a short but enjoyable stay in London. We are Judi Dench fans and she was in a play in London. We booked it some time ago and got a good deal on four nights and five days. Saw Judi in "Marquis De Sade" and another play called "The 39 Steps." Alfred Hitchcock did a movie of this 1915 play in 1937. Also, we did some sightseeing.

      The point is I am a people-watcher, like Scott Green. We left Tampa Airport Sunday evening and off to Dulles in Washington DC for the overnight to London. I started noticing in Dulles that a majority of people were looking down at their hand. Of course not the hand but the cell phone, blackberry or I-phone or whatever. They were busy walking or just sitting but not observing anything but their hand. We got off the plane at Heathrow and got on the Tube to go to our hotel.

      More hand watching and no observing. Our Hotel was right near the Victoria /Albert Hall and museum. As we walked the streets looking at the sights and when we visited the museum there were a great many hand watchers. At breakfast at the hotel or In the museum for lunch more hand watching. Going to the play, at dinner, and before and during intermission more hand watching.

      This kind of scares me. Our my children and grandchildren growing up looking at their hands? Is there more in life than texting? Can we smell the flowers or look at the trees in bloom or even look at a passerby and smile a cheerful hello? I hope so.

      As a salesman I had to spend a lot of face to face time with customers talking to them and listening to them. I had to interact on a personal level to try and understand their wants and needs. Only then did I have to look for a pay phone to call the office with orders. Also I needed the phone to call customers back or set up appointments. Hopefully the hand watchers are spending some time not watching their hands but actually interacting with a person.

      I am sure that the modern sales reps has to do a great deal of hand watching but I also hope a great deal of personal interaction. I hope they are and I hope that they try and observe the world as it goes by. Life is not a dress rehearsal I gave up car phone and pagers when I retired in 2001. I recently got one of these trac-fone things where you buy the minutes ahead of time. I usually keep it turned off because I don't want to get dependent on it.

      I guess I am either turning into an old fart or this flu bug has me down. After watching all these people watching their hands I am going to be more alert at watching the world around me every day. I am going to make a point of smiling at folks and saying good morning. I also hope that the hand watchers spend time actually face to face with their loved ones friends and associates. I will probably get some dumb looks but who cares at least I wont be looking at my hand.

      Hub Kirkpatrick, '59
      Tarpon Springs, Fl
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