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You are correct about the roads, however I believe that those of us who lived in Idlewood called Ewing Road "Backbone Road" as well. I slid off my bike on
Pat Lied
Aug 9

Re: Digest Number 4020. Bill Stephens

Hub 59 here, I stand corrected on the Backbone Road. As soon as I read it I remembered. I googled Ewing road. It looks the same as it did then. Single lane
William Kirkpatrick
Aug 9

Passing of Susie Reese Smith, Class of '56

My sister Susie passed away on July 25th, at Asbury Heights Nursing Home. She was 79. Her Parkinson's disease had gotten worse the past 6 months. I saw her the
Aug 9

File - Mailing List - E-Mail FAQ.txt

CraftonReunion Mailing List - E-Mail FAQ Q.1. How do I send mail to everyone on the list? There are two ways. If you have an original post, use your email to
Jul 31

File - phishing.txt

About Phishing Scams How Do Phishing Scams Work? Phishing scams may take many forms, but they usually start with an e-mail, instant message or pop-up window
Jul 31

Re: Digest Number 4021

To Janey Stephens … if you are still receiving messages, just send a blank email from the email address at which you are receiving the messages … and the
Crissy Hueneke
Jul 31

Re: Digest Number 4020. Bill Stephens

I lived on Fountain Street from birth to age 13. Bill and Nicki Stephens were "playmates" over the years. I think Bill was the first boy (not boyfriend) with
Pat Lied
Jul 31

Re: Digest Number 4018

I drove this a couple of years ago and it's paved all the way up. I think the actual name is Chartiers. Sent from Susan Stephens' iPhone
Susan Stephens
Jul 31

Re: Digest Number 4018

Hub, As someone who lived in Robinson Township, I walked Backbone Road a lot. It did and does have a proper name: Crafton Boulevard. John Klima '54
Jul 31


Sorry, Hub, but your geographic memory has been scrambled by time. Backbone Road was the poorly paved extension of Crafton Boulevard (went past the high
Tom Davis
Jul 31

Digest Number 4019

I'm sorry to hear of your husband's passing and the heartfelt sympathies of me and my family are yours. If I recall correctly, Yahoo message boards are like
Jul 30

Re: Digest Number 4018

Hi Hub , Robert Here. Remember when they would oil down Back Bone Road ? That was always fun in the summer time . My mom. Mrs. Kelly wouldn't let me on the
Jul 30

Re: Digest Number 4018

It's a one way street now Hub. Going up Sent from my iPhone > On Jul 30, 2017, at 7:54 AM, William Kirkpatrick WKIRKPATRICK1@... [CraftonReunion]
Cynthia Russell
Jul 30

Re: Digest Number 4018

Hub 59 here, Read about Bill Stephens. He was one of the Idlewood gang that walked to high school. Bill had the longest walk coming up from Back Bone road.
William Kirkpatrick
Jul 30

Re: Digest Number 4018

I have requested that you NOT send me anymore emails.  Your 1959 classmate, and my husband. Bill Stephens has passed away on April 10th of this year.  Please
Jul 29
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