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About Phishing Scams How Do Phishing Scams Work? Phishing scams may take many forms, but they usually start with an e-mail, instant message or pop-up window
Sep 1

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CraftonReunion Mailing List - E-Mail FAQ Q.1. How do I send mail to everyone on the list? There are two ways. If you have an original post, use your email to
Sep 1

Passing of Larry R. Curry

I see that Larry Curry, long time teacher of Crafton and Carlynton High Schools has passed away. I had him 4 straight years from 7th to 10th grade, and he
Aug 23

Re: Traveling - Spring 2015 - 2

Never knew about the turtles for good fortune nor reason for undulating wall. Restroom sign gets a good chuckle! Sounds like a physically challenging trip;
Susan Stephens
Aug 11

Hello from Pat

I'm glad that there are people on the website who are enjoying the postings. I am very lucky to be in good enough health to travel to some wonderful places. I
Patricia Lied
Aug 11

Traveling - Spring 2015 - 5

Our next great adventure started with a two-hour flight from Shanghai to Chongqing. Thirty three million people live here. We were headed to our Yangtze
Patricia Lied
Aug 11

Traveling - Spring 2015 - 4

After Beijing, we flew to Shanghai. On one of my days here, we took the Bullet Train at 190 miles per hour from Shanghai to Suzhou. It is the second fastest
Patricia Lied
Aug 11

Traveling - Spring 2015 - 3

A few people have written that they are enjoying the postings so I will proceed to write more about this wonderful trip. In Tokyo, Japan......One day we
Patricia Lied
Aug 11

Traveling - Spring 2015 - 2

In Beijing, China, I met the rest of the travelers for the main tour of China. There are 33 people in the tour; two are from Pittsburgh and one couple is from
Patricia Lied
Aug 9

Re: Traveling - Spring 2015

Patricia: Do you know how fortunate you are in all the famous sites you have visited. Sometimes I feel like I am with you on wondrous trips you described
Carol Shanholtz
Aug 9

Traveling - Spring 2015

This spring I packed up for a trip to Tokyo and China. I only spent four days in Tokyo and then 24 days in China, covering 6,000 miles within China. One of
Patricia Lied
Aug 6

Re: It never happens to me

Hi Hub, Good to see that you are still up and running, although you had an unpleasant experience to report. I made this entry yesterday and, as so often, Yahoo
Aug 5

Re: It never happens to me

Hub, That could have been much worse, you were lucky you were on top of the situation so quickly and were able to reverse those charges while they were
Aug 4

Re: Ruth Lynch McFarland update

Ruth, My parents were friends with a Hank Lynch. Any relation? Susan Stephens '65 Lakeland, FL Sent from Susan Stephens' iPhone
Susan Stephens
Aug 4

Re: It never happens to me

I do two things at the pump. As the gas is going into my tank I watch the gallon indicator. When it gets to 10 gallons I watch to see if the amount charged is
John Small
Aug 4
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