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  • Henry McFadden
    Sep 15, 2006
      Hi Sean, Mr Kirkwood and the few others so far.

      I've just found the Donegal Archives Service details . . .
      Maybe I'll get there eventually!

      "Donegal County Archives Services based at The Three Rivers Centre,
      Lifford provides original documents, photographs, maps, plans and
      recordings which have historical or evidential value. The archives
      centre has some of the finest surviving local history in the country.
      The exhibition area in the foyer of the archives office exhibits
      archivel material from various collections. No appointment is needed
      to view the exhibition, although public access to the archives is by
      prior appointment only. A few days notice is generally required. For
      further information or to make an appointment telephone (074) 9172490
      or you can E-mail archives@..."