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Re: [CostumeHistoryClass] late assignments 1 - codpieces

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  • Tara Maginnis, Ph.D., Costume Designer
    OK Here are the present locations of some codpiece pages: http://www.r3.org/life/articles/codpiece.html Codpiece humor pages (!!!)
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 2, 2001
      OK Here are the present locations of some codpiece pages:


      Codpiece humor pages (!!!)

      theodora@... wrote:

      > Desperately trying to catch up, (work is getting in the way) -
      > TZ
      > "There were so many freaks of fashion in this period..." I think
      > this statement can apply to any period of fashion that we examine.
      > Not just periods of the past centuries but even those periods a lot
      > closer to our lifetimes, for example: the punk fashions of the
      > 1970's, the 'ferals' from the 1990's, the platform shoes of the
      > 1930's, the extremely short lycra mini skirts of the 1980's etc.
      > These fashion trends always have their origin in the development of
      > the fashion of that time, either to a) push the boundaries further,
      > or, b) evolve from changes to contemporary fashion of that time.
      > Men's codpieces seem to fall into the latter category ie changing
      > fashion. The codpiece began as a flat piece of material which covered
      > the slit in mens trousers or hose and therefore the genitals. As the
      > fashion for shorter and shorter doublets/jackets developed in the
      > 15th century the emphasis on the area between a man's legs grew.
      > Previously this area was left either exposed or covered by a flat
      > piece of material and since doublets/jackets were low down on the hip
      > this did not present a problem.
      > Now however, this area had to be covered and the codpiece developed
      > to cover and protect the man's genitals. Or as it is well known -
      > the "family jewels". Soon the codpiece developed into a piece which
      > men could also keep other valuables apart fron the family jewels.
      > This grew in size until it reached ridiculous size and proportions -
      > http://www.teleport.com/~codpiece/codpiece
      > Many styles and sizes were made to suit all situations and soon
      > became the object of admiration or envy. The female equivalent is the
      > padded bra, where the similiarity extends to where the external
      > appearance maybe hiding a disappointment once removed.
      > http://www.onr.com/user/cods.htm
      > As the wider and larger breeches became fashionable the need for
      > codpieces decreased. Instead the room in these 'trousers' became more
      > generous and eventually developed into pockets. Even though codpieces
      > were no longer fashionable, men still needed to keep their valuables
      > somewhere and pockets helped to meet this need.
      > Today the only codpieces we see are on sports players like
      > footballers, while we still hear stories about the men who will put a
      > banana in their trouser to look more endowned, their version of the
      > padded bra I guess.
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