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Assignment #1 short report about the clothing worn by a social group

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  • Gida
    Moss Vale NSW: I live in Moss Vale a conservative working class town in Regional NSW, Australia. Here, I notice that many teenagers are interested in a revival
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 18, 2011
      Moss Vale NSW:
      I live in Moss Vale a conservative working class town in Regional NSW, Australia. Here, I notice that many teenagers are interested in a revival of punk fashion as a way to visibly disassociate themselves from the older generations and identify with each other. These kids are obviously from very settled and established loving families because the expression of their rebellion is a statement of fashion not of heart or conviction. Colourful spiky hair and piercings are fairly common, but not so much tattoos? Status is gained by accurate knowledge punk of fashion and the times and colourful personal expression of this.
      Canberra ACT:
      Whereas, while I live in Moss Vale, I work in the National Capital, Canberra 2 hrs drive from where I live.
      Canberra is a Public Service town where money, knowledge and political power are the ambitions people have for becoming socially successful. In Canberra there is still a broad interest in retro 1950's glam fashion and young people there value accurate expression of this in fashion if it can be achieved on a budget because most of them are at University. So high glam fashion is in – pencil skirts high collars, styled up aviator jackets. For young men in Canberra on the other hand an expression of athletic metro-sexual fashion is the way to find a partner. There seems no interest in a punk sub culture, however in Canberra there are religious sub cultures, noticibly people who don the dress code of modern witchcraft - being pentagrams and gothic costume mixed with the high fashion glam of the witch from the Narnian movies. The ambition of this cult seems to be to shock and intimidate so I would say that their look is an expression of conviction more than an expression of fashion.
      Bondi Beach NSW:
      Both of these towns are inland and very cold in Winter / very hot in Summer - 4 weeks ago before I moved to Moss Vale I had been living in Vaucluse in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney. Vaucluse is about 10 minutes drive from Bondi Beach, a place that has become a mecca for young international party-animal backpackers. The lifestyle is relaxed and beach-y people are very driven to attain perfect body shape and the cliffs are filled with pressured execs running between Bondi and Bronte each morning. Finding a partner isn't difficult in Bondi (keeping them is) so the culture is fitness and surfing; surfing and fitness - and shopping. Looking great in swimwear is essential . Brands are also an essential way of having social status in the Eastern suburbs and the more exclusive the brand and the more you have of these things the higher up the ladder you can feel that you are. This begins in Bondi with fashion branding – everything from clothes to shoes and accessories, but escalates into serious expressions of affluence by the time you're in Vaucluse. In Vaucluse expressions of social standing come in the form of the very highest end cars and housing – it's also about who you know because the suburbs in the area are filled with politicians and movie stars.
      So, a comparison between these 4 places reveals some interesting cultural differences.
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