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  • TheCostumer Tara Maginnis
    I have been negotiating with UAF s Distance Education program in order to set up the sign up procedure for The History of Fashion and Dress . Because the
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 10, 2000
      I have been negotiating with UAF's Distance Education program in order
      to set up the sign up procedure for "The History of Fashion and Dress"
      . Because the class will be offered through Distance Ed, the tuition
      (only required for those officially enrolled for university
      credit) will be at in-state rates, even for non Alaskan and foreign
      students, but also without any of the add-on fees that are
      usually charged to students on the UAF campus. I will post again to
      this list as soon as the full details are available.

      Meanwhile, for your amusement, here is the following:

      "Earnest" in Plastic & Lace

      We are now in the final weekend of showing our production of "The
      Importance of Being Earnest" at Theatre UAF in Fairbanks Alaska. The
      costumes are made of a combination of traditional fabrics, clear
      plastic, lace and translucent shiny organzas. For full details of the
      "why" of doing this, the original renderings and reasearch, as well as
      many photos from the show, and the costume shop, go to

      ----Tara Maginnis, Ph.D., Costume Designer/Associate Professor
      Chair of the Theatre Department of University of Alaska Fairbanks
      Website: "The Costumer's Manifesto" at http://www.costumes.org
      Theatre Department Web Site: http://www.uaf.edu/theatre
      2001 UK Costume Tours:
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