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Re: Local clothing habits: The Magic Boys

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  • varette
    I agree with your statement that the clothes the Magic Boys wear gives them courage. It s interesting to note that these boys, while socially awkward by normal
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 10, 2010
      I agree with your statement that the clothes the Magic Boys wear gives them courage. It's interesting to note that these boys, while socially awkward by normal standards, are actually socially active in this club. They not only come together to share a common interest in their collectible card game but also take it a step further and define a fashion statement for the club. Guys who would generally not know anything about style actually manage to define a unique culture that they understand and are comfortable with. Fascinating!

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      > Near our home is a game shop specializing in Magic the Gathering, a collectable card game that enjoys a large following. Occasionally my husband ventures down on a Thursday nite to join the tournaments and I go along to observe. For me, it's like being dropped into a foreign land where I don't speak the language, don't know the customs, and don't have the right clothes.
      > The hard-core regulars, young men aging 16 – 27, have a style that makes me terribly curious about their personal lives, families, dreams, etc. The basic pieces are the pants and coats. The pants are black cargo pants with legs wider than their bodies and about 4 – 6 inches too long. The hems have been frayed and tattered by huge, clumpy black boots with large thick rubber heels. The black overcoats that initially appear about 5 sizes to big, appear to be fitted to the shoulders and cuffs. The coats almost brush the floor, and are covered with oversized pockets, plackets and vents. Beyond the basics, the accessories litter every available inch of cloth and evidently follow a few rules. They must be metal of some sort, preferably shiny, over-sized and menacing. Safety pins, spikes and chains any dominatrix would envy are placed, draped, pinned and riveted to shoulders, lapels, pockets, inseams, and cuffs. This is all topped off with almost comical black cowboy hats.
      > These are the best players, the most admired & respected; the Magic Boys. They almost never meet anyone's eye, almost never speak to anyone, and likely don't spend much time on personal hygiene either. Their clothing gives them courage I think; oversized and over-worn gives the impression of exotic and dangerous experiences that others can't imagine. It provides a barrier for them – almost like the atmosphere surrounding our planet. Stripped of their costumes, these young men would be the "90 lb weaklings"; they are smallish in physique with asymmetrical faces that wouldn't be considered attractive by mainstream standards and they would likely be socially awkward and insecure. But in their circle and in their "uniform", they rule their Magic kingdom. It's good for them I think, that clothes can do that.
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