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Lesson 2, first week.

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  • yoevelyn
    Punk culture and its fashion. The decade, 70 s. the band, New York Dolls. And the style, a hard and cold boot on the groin. The 70 s saw the birth of a musical
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2009
      Punk culture and its fashion.

      The decade, 70's. the band, New York Dolls. And the style, a hard and
      cold boot on the groin.

      The 70's saw the birth of a musical movement that was destined to
      radically change the ways of expression for a generation, labeling it
      hard, fast, and raw. And this, like in any other cultural change in
      society, was translated into fashion.

      It all started in the city of New York when Sylvain Sylvain and Billie
      Murcia,who had been friends since high school, got together to form a
      band. This band was called "The New York Dolls", with influences such
      as "The Rolling Stones" and other girl bands of the 50's. They would
      get on stage wearing excessive make up, extravagant hairdos, animal
      print tights, and stockings on high heels. Looking pretty much like
      what we would call today a transvestite.

      Soon enough they called the attention of a man called Malcom McLaren,
      who owned a thrift shop in London, England. He was visiting New York
      and happened to catch a glimpse of "The Dolls" at one of their shows.
      McLaren fell in love with the glamour and nonchalant attitude of the

      Taking this with him back to London, he and his partner, Vivienne
      Westwood (who later on started designing clothes for "The New York
      Dolls"), recruited a group of young guys that would become the image
      of their store, calling them "The Sex Pistols". "The Pistols" where
      sort of like "The Dolls" counterpart in concept. Their style was
      rawer, cruder, dirtier and even less irreverent. They wore torn
      garments held together by safety pins, unusually colorful hairstyles,
      utility boots with metal toes, tight leather pants and jackets, and
      anti-establishment propaganda.

      The culture keeps growing and adding new trends as new music bands
      appear on stage, influencing their followers with their styles(like
      wearing chains and locks hanging from their pant pockets, new hair
      styles, like the mollet. Girls combining feminine elements like tutus,
      drastically contrasted with masculine elements like combat boots) and
      their increasingly aggressive attitude.
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