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  • angelaharrisdesigns
    Clothing and the Elementary Age Child by Angela Harris It s Monday morning, four children wait for the bus. One is dressed in a bright striped shirt with a
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      Clothing and the Elementary Age Child by Angela Harris

      It's Monday morning, four children wait for the bus. One is dressed
      in a bright striped shirt with a vest overtop. Dark blue jeans, dye
      not yet faded end just above heeled brown boots. Her jacket is slung
      over her arm as if she dreads wearing the thing. A second young girl
      stands next to her slightly shorter. Her hair is only half brushed, a
      messy bob of sorts. She wears blue jeans with a pretty blue and brown
      shirt, slightly loose to hide her baby fat. Her feet are warm and
      toasty, encased in tan "Ugg" like shoes. The young man is dressed
      neatly, blue jeans, a nice blue striped sweater and brown leather
      loafers. His biggest complaint for the morning the tuft of hair that
      will not comb down. His slightly younger sister could care less about
      her hair, brushes are the enemy. She insists on dressing herself,
      thus leading to a myriad of colors and styles gracing her small frame.
      A tan camouflage "Hello Kitty" shirt, blue jeans embroidered in
      bright fuchsia with ruffles on the hem, blue and green frog rain
      boots. Even at their young ages 5, 6, 7 and 9 they begin to show
      individuality and their need to fit in and find acceptance.

      In our local elementary the influences are vast. You can almost
      differentiate between the students who rely on their parents to make
      their clothing choices and those who are allowed that freedom. You
      can also see the differences in socio-economic classes. There are the
      young girls dressed in prim outfits, faces and nails spotless. Their
      hair brushed until it shines, styled and decorated with a fluffy bow.
      Their male counterparts in button up shirts, khakis and loafers,
      their hair cut by a stylist to look just right. There are the kids
      whose influence is sports and athletics. Boys wearing the jersey of
      the Raiders, the local pop warner football league, girls wearing the
      matching cheer uniform. Other kids wearing sneakers and comfy clothes
      praying for PE. Then there are the kids who show up in whatever they
      choose, a combination of their own styles and those of their parents.
      Cute stylish outfits, T-shirts and jeans with dirty tennis shoes.
      Pajama tops with sweat pants, snuck out under winter jackets.

      Elementary school is a fishbowl. It is okay to show individuality
      yet the restraints of influence are alarmingly present. There is a
      struggle, the parents wanting to hold on to their babies, whether by
      influence or outright control, fellow students looking at their peers,
      accessing what sets them apart. Each looking at how they dress as a
      reflection of what may be on the inside. Judging whether they are
      smarter, prettier or richer by what they are clothed in. Then there
      is the students influence on themselves. The struggle to maintain
      individuality while fitting into the mold of their parents and peers.
      The evolutionary process of trying to grow up and discover who they
      are and what they like while being tugged upon by outside influences.
      It is in this arena that they will decide their place, their style
      both in relation to their peers and themselves. By the time they set
      off to middle school the fundamental sense of self will have taken
      shape and their clothing will be a reflection of that self.

      As they step on the bus they turn back to blow kisses and shout "Love
      you mom". I hold on to those moments realizing that as they grow they
      will slowly break away from my influences and form their own
      identities. I already see it beginning. The dress is only a part,
      yet it is an integral part. It is the indicator of that initial
      break, one of the first signs a parent sees that their child is
      growing up, forming their own opinions and becoming their own person.
    • badkittie748
      every society has its cliques that divide and define them as a whole. in my town there is a group of young 20 somethings that hang out in dark alleys at night.
      Message 2 of 2 , Jan 30 9:56 AM
        every society has its cliques that divide and define them as a whole.
        in my town there is a group of young 20 somethings that hang out in
        dark alleys at night. were not crooks nor hoodlums instead we are
        young people who dress in all black that claim we are vampires or
        werewolves or mages. often we are we are classifed as "geeks" that
        sit around playing dungeons and dragons all day. our night life
        however is lived upon the stage of darkness. we are from all different
        walks of life. some of us wealthy some of us poor but through the
        characters we portray we decide our costumes. in playing Vampire the
        Masquerade there are several different clans that set players apart.

        the Nosferatu - the sewer dwellers
        the Sabbat - the fanatically religous inclined
        the Brujah - the rebel / fighter vampires
        the Toreadore - the pretty and fashionable vampires
        the Malkavian - the enlightened albeit crazy vampires
        the ventrue - the money brokers
        the scimize - think bram stokers dracula charcter

        now to set ourselves apart from every other vampie out there there are
        class distinctions i guess you could call them. take my character for
        example : her name is ashton hazard after the north and south mini
        series i had recently watched when i created her. she is a red haired
        jezebel much like the ashton character in the series. a former
        blockade runner shes one of those characters that "knows how to get
        things" and a consumate smuggler almost like the character of otis
        redding from the movie the shawshank redemption. while yes she is this
        gritty character based loosley of of 2 fictional characters and one
        straight out of history she likes the antique fashions of the
        antebellum southern period of 1850-1865.
        to point out it is the toreadore vampires that are supposed to be the
        fashion gurus not the malkavian however i decided to do a very subtle
        meshing of the two that worked out rather nice. my husband on the
        other hand likes to play either the nosferatu or the malkavian. most
        of our costumes as a whole leave a lot to the imagination to decide
        for us for there are only two of us that have decided to engage in
        clothing design.
        trust me i have definite ideas on what to costume some of the other
        clans in however that is for the actor decide not necessarily me.
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