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Week 9- Nationality/Tribal Group

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  • mhmillns
    For this assignment, I have decided to write about the Aborigines, who are the indiginious people of Australia, in fact their name means, the people who were
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      For this assignment, I have decided to write about the Aborigines,
      who are the indiginious people of Australia, in fact their name
      means, "the people who were here from the begining." I am very
      excited to share my knowledge about this, because I studied for a
      semester in Australia, and concentrated on the nation's history. The
      Australian Aboriginies were simple people who hunted and gathered,
      and have been around for 40,000 years. The Europeans colonized the
      land around 1788. Many of the aboriginal people has assimiliated
      completly into the western culture and are living "western lives" in
      big cities, but I am going to concentrate on those still living on
      their land.
      Before being assimiliate into "Western culture," their dress was
      very minimal. Men and woman were usually topless, but had belts made
      of hair, animal skin, grass, which they used to hold their weapons.
      Many were also in loin cloths or what can be described as cloth
      underwear, in colors of red, brown and white. They took pride on
      being one with the land, and not needing to be modest. The traditinal
      ceremony costumes for Aboriginies were much more elaborate. They
      would paint their bodies all sorts of colors from brown and white, to
      reds and yellows, and would wear ornaments of bone, and shells.
      Once the Europeans invaded, they made the Aboriginies cover up, and
      often supplied them with "hand me down" clothes, or what we would
      refer to as thrift store clothing. The whole way of life for the
      Aboriginals changed, but at the same time, they lost possession of
      their land, so they had little money. Today, you can see the
      Aboriginals that still live on the land, in consigment clothing.
      There are still traditional styles continuing on the for
      preservation of the culture. There are many tribes that have
      Dreamtime ceremonies (part of their religion) and dress the part.
      Also, the Australian government is making sure this culture is not
      forgotten, for instance, by having them be a large part of the 2000
      Oylmpic ceremonies.
      The pressures of the Eurpoeans definitly facilitated change. Many
      aboriginies turned to drugs and alcohol after the Europeans took
      their land, and made them work on it. They were poor which didn't
      matter bofore, but now they had ot follow the dress of the western
      world. In a way, the Aboriginal people couldn't really stop the
      change, and are now trying to preserve the past.

      Here are some links for traditional and modern Aboriginal dress:

      1) http://www.crystalinks.com/aboriginals.jpg
      2) http://www.moederdegans.be/Sara/Images/Woman-drawing-in-sand.jpg
      3) http://www.chidiac-league.com/img/events/immigrants3.jpg
      4) http://www.blessitt.com/march2001aborigines2.jpg
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