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Re: [CostumeHistoryClass] week one assigment

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  • Tara Maginnis
    How I wish there had been a weird dressing clique at my school in the mid 1970s! Even with about 1000 students in my HS we didn t have that, I alas was a sole
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 30, 2005
      How I wish there had been a weird dressing clique at
      my school in the mid 1970s! Even with about 1000
      students in my HS we didn't have that, I alas was a
      sole strange dresser. It was really alienating. I
      still don't understand why so few people do this
      (though obviously if everyone did it every day it
      wouldn't be weird) whenever they feel the occasional
      need to wear a feather boa to work, or a gold
      embroidered kaftan to Fred Meyer. I tried once for
      three months or so to get fridays to be "wear a tiara
      to work day" in Fairbanks, but inexplicably it never
      caught on. I like dressing in plain black boring
      clothes many days, but on others it just seems like a
      cat ear hoodie and cat shoes are the right thing to
      share with the world. Weird clothing seems like a gift
      one can share with the public so long as you don't
      mind looking silly now and again.

      --- Karl Thompson <xenkodel@...> wrote:

      > Been honest, I rarely paid much attention to cloth
      > throughout most of
      > my school years so I will try summaries a group that
      > I have noticed in
      > that time. The group that seemed to stick out in
      > my mind the most is
      > the drama clique in my high school. They easily set
      > themselves from
      > the other cliques in the school by wearing bright
      > and colorful cloth
      > that seem light the room whenever they walk in.
      > Although their were
      > times when their was a preference for darker more
      > Goth like attire
      > sense part of the drama clique also hang with the
      > Goth clique.
      > Whether colorful or dark though the clothes seemed
      > very expressive and
      > at times a bit over the top. I remember one
      > particular guy who were a
      > tuxedo to school everyday , never black, always
      > either blue, olive, or
      > a plaid mixture of various colors. Whenever he walk
      > in the class you
      > saw him and immediately recognized him, and maybe
      > that was the whole
      > point of the attire. The message I got from the
      > cloth was that they
      > wanted to be seen as an individual, as to express
      > who they where
      > inside. Whether I am write in my assumption I can
      > not say, I never
      > was bold enough to do what they did. Either way
      > they wore what they
      > wore because that's who they were and they were
      > proud of it.
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