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Re: [CostumeHistoryClass] scientific dress

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  • Tara Maginnis
    I don t know which of these things seems a greater thing to be jealous of, getting to wear a t shirt with sheer overshirt in January, or having a nearly naked
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 21, 2004
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      I don't know which of these things seems a greater thing to be jealous
      of, getting to wear a t shirt with sheer overshirt in January, or having
      a nearly naked Russian guy to come home to. (I have a thing for Russian
      guys). Your description of the scene in IQ makes me want to see the
      movie. It always sounded interesting, but nerdly academics teaching a
      guy to dress as badly as we often do seems like something that would be
      really funny in that truth-is-funny way.

      socaloca1 wrote:

      > Scientific Dress
      > The other day I dressed for warmth to be at Wal-Mart's $1 per yard
      > sidewalk sale only at the Aero Drive store in San Diego at the
      > opening hour of 7a.m. I wore an ankle-length khaki colored corduroy
      > skirt, yellow-white tee shirt, a transparent blouse overlay of
      > horizontal stripes in various yellows, browns and khakis. For extra
      > warmth I wore an old soft lacy underskirt and a soft dark green
      > rimmed hat. I had a yellow leather sash in the beltloops of the skirt
      > and yellow cowboy ankle boots on my feet. But the most important
      > accessory of the whole outfit was the little yellow-lens sunglasses
      > that added the finishing dweeby touch.
      > My husband, Vlad loved the look. The ensemble was quite a departure
      > for me. He said I looked very scientific and literally admired my
      > scientific mind. Heh, heh. I remember that cute scene in IQ when
      > Walter Mathaw as Albert Einstein together with his 3 scientific
      > cronies offer their "Scientific Eye for the Mechanic Guy" and dress
      > Tim Robbins to look like a scientist. They tried on him different
      > elements from their own outfits, cardigans, vests, scarves etc.; `til
      > they got just the distracted mismatch of muted color and pattern that
      > would identify him as a member of their little group of geniuses. One
      > of the old guys tousled the young man's hair to complete the look.
      > My dhVlad is a scientist. Originally from Russia, he has lived and
      > worked in many places around the USA but when he got to San Diego he
      > said "That's it." bought a condo and planted himself here. In colder
      > climates he would dress in some variation of the above look. But in
      > mild San Diego he wears loose, comfortable, shorts and a loose, short
      > sleeved shirt; old, very worn-in athletic shoes and no socks. Lately,
      > he works at home, doing research, `deriving' and writing papers for
      > science publications. In the house he has taken his disinterest in
      > clothes to the extreme and is frequently in just shorts or buck naked.
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