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week 3 with images-- sorry they were not in my previous assignment-

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    There were many interesting freaks of fashion in this period, including hennins, poulaines, and codpieces. Choose one of these freaks or another that
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      There were many interesting "freaks of fashion" in this period,
      including hennins, poulaines, and codpieces. Choose one of
      these "freaks" or another that interests you, and write a brief
      report with image links on it.

      The most interesting "FREAK OF FASHION" was Poulaines. These shoes
      were innovated in the 15th century and caused quite a stir. In an
      article by Phillip Adams, he explained how these shoes were only worn
      by men and were seen as suggestive. They had a pointed toe with
      laces and were made of leather. The toe was stuffed with moss or
      wool. These shoes were said to have a phallic appearance and implied
      sexual behavior if bells were attached. Adams said these shoes were
      worn for 300 years and were banned by the Catholic church. They were
      seen as satans shoes because they inhibited the wearer to kneel for
      prayer. Women did not wear these because fear of being prosecuted as
      a witch. These shoes were not functional by any means. Some were so
      long the wearer attached a chain from his knee to the tip of the shoe
      to prevent him from tripping. Society was outraged by these shoes
      and they did eventually fade away with the help of 2 factors. The
      first factor was the death of Duke Leopold the II, who was unable to
      flee assasins becuse of his ponted shoes. Another factor was King
      Charles VIII who had 6 toes on each feet and did away with these
      shoes, innovating the square toed shoes. Oddly enough shoes did
      casus all of this fuss.

      Just recently fashion has brought a similiar style into womens
      apparel today. It is strange that they are for women and many men
      would never even think about putting there feet in such an odd shaped
      shoe. It is also apparent that women do not always care if it is
      comfortable as long as it looks good. Similiar types can be seen at
      zappos.com by Kenneth Cole and Charles David. The womens shoes are
      made with a high heel to imply a more feminin look but the basic
      cocept of a pointed toe still remains.



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