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Re: Auditing the Costume History Class

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  • eleanordew <jlc5f@virginia.edu>
    I forgot to mention that you might look into the profession of independent researcher. Although it s certainly harder to be self-employed than it is to draw
    Message 1 of 6 , Dec 13, 2002
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      I forgot to mention that you might look into the profession of
      "independent researcher." Although it's certainly harder to be
      self-employed than it is to draw a paycheck, in many cases it's much
      more rewarding emotionally.

      One example of an independent researcher is Barbara Tuchman, the
      author of "A Distant Mirror" and "The Guns of August" among her many
      historical works. You might like to read her book of essays,
      "Practicing history : selected essays." for a discussion of this

      Also, once you get a library degree, another possibility is starting
      your own information business.

      If you want to become a professional genealogist, look into the
      National Genealogical Society's certification program - look at the
      website http://www.ngsgenealogy.org/ (unfortunately, it's having
      problems today) - and look for their certification classes.

      -- Jean

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      > I signed up to audit this class because it sounded fun, but I'm not
      > sure I'll have time to do everything involved with it. That being
      > said, my passion is historical research & geneology. If any of you
      > need help in that area, let me know -- I'm almost a research-aholic.
      > BTW I recently graduated with a B.A. in history and am not sure of
      > career directions if anyone has suggestions
      > that don't involve teaching.>
      > Let me put in a plug for librarianship -- At the risk of revealing
      > age, I was in your situation 30 years ago - I had just graduated
      > a B.A. in history and Spanish, and wondered what to do next. My
      > avocation was and is genealogy.
      > After working in libraries as a para professional for 10 years, I
      > back to school and earned my MLS. I will confess that I found
      > library school itself boring, but I have never regretted getting my
      > degree. Library work of any kind is very interesting, because it is
      > usually intellectually stimulating, and the library degree makes
      > skills portable anywhere in the US (and all over the world, too)!
      > These days librarians must be skilled with computers and various
      > kinds of software. As a side benefit, you have at your fingertips
      > resources of all the libraries in the world for your historical and
      > genealogical research, and, what's more, as a librarian you know how
      > to use them!
      > If you have questions, I'll be happy to try to answer them for you.
      > -- Jean
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