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  • jlc5f@virginia.edu
    May 1, 2001
      Hi, Tara -- finally got my thoughts together -- I think ...

      This was the first distance education course I've actually taken. I
      have taught distance education before, and I've been an on-site
      organizer for distance education courses before, but I'd never taken
      one myself.

      I thought the course went very well, even though I was behind most of
      the time! LOL The topic was interesting, and it was presented in a
      lively manner. I appreciate the way you worked hard to make the
      individual lessons colorful (all the links to interesting places).
      The instructor diligently interacted with the online students via the
      message board and emails.

      I really appreciated the ability to schedule the class time and
      assignments around my real life. This is the real beauty of distance
      education! In the past 4 months, I've taken two major trips, had a
      serious 4 week cold, and a family emergency, but was able to pretty
      well keep up with the class.

      1. After the mid-term break, I felt like I was over my head in work.
      It seemed as if the assignments were heavier the second half of the
      course than the first. Perhaps the assignments could be rearranged so
      that one or two of the more time-consuming projects could be done
      earlier in the course. (I know that the assignments were topic and
      chronologically oriented, so that may not be possible.)

      2. Because of the nature of online learning, I did find it a bit
      difficult to determine when one class stopped and the other began.
      Your real life (RL) class had a specific time when they had to be
      somewhere, but the distance folks didn't. I kind of missed being able
      to say "THIS is my class time." I wonder if it is possible to set a
      specific time for the distance class to "meet" in the chat room for 15
      minutes or so, to provide a coherency to the group.

      3. You mentioned once that you had a RL session of this class going at
      the same time the distance class was. I wonder if there could be more
      communication back and forth between the RL people and the Online
      people in the class? I'm not sure how one would work that in, but it
      could give us more cohesiveness as a class, and give your RL students
      the opportunity to see the assignments through different eyes.

      4. It might be fun to have a class on "Historical Fashion Research
      Resources" - sort of like a bibliography of clothing class - perhaps
      combined with a "Great Clothing Collections of the World" class.
      (Being a librarian, I think it's always good for people to know where
      they can find more information!)

      In any case, I thank you for the opportunity the participate in this
      class. Please let me know if/when you offer additional distance
      courses. Also, I'm looking for something interesting to do on my 50th
      birthday (Dec. 11, 2002), so please let me know if you plan to go to
      London for a costume tour. (P.S. I enjoy planning these things too,
      so I'd be happy to help organize.) -- Jean