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3046I am interested in the History of Fashion because...

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  • aduriaud
    Nov 21 1:17 PM
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      ...clothes tell stories. From my first pair of real, buckled winkle picker boots to the global mash-up of contemporary recording artist M.I.A.'s colourful look I’ve found meaning, power and even solace in the sometimes infuriatingly frivolous, always fascinating languages of fashion and style. And I’m not alone; fashion touches everyone. It’s personal and political, emotional and cerebral, conservative and avant-garde, creating and deconstructing cultural, socio-economic and sexual identities at will. I’ve always been drawn to what lies beneath the surface, in codes and symbols embedded in the apparently ordinary and in intersections between high and low culture, if such categories exist anymore. Most of all, since my teens, clothes have been both a fertile and expressive medium and a battleground, and I trace key moments in my life through what I wore. Haute couture and charity shop chic alike, fashion engages me visually and intellectually and at a deeply personal level too. I want to learn more about it.

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