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3040I am interested in the history of fashion because...

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  • pike.emma
    Aug 25, 2013
      I think it was 1996 in London. I had recently graduated with a degree in history and was reluctantly taking my first steps towards a career in law. The Imperial War Museum was showing an exhibition entitled "Wartime Dress" and I went to see it. One exhibit I still remember today. It was a clipping from a 1940s magazine giving top tips about which shades of lipstick look best with the utilitarian khaki uniforms many women were wearing to work in support of the war effort. That one small piece unlocked a very personal and human history that I had rarely glimpsed in my academic studies and I felt triumphant to know that the power of femininity, the desire to look and feel feminine was undiminished by the adversity of war. I am not a costume designer (I am no longer a lawyer either) - I am just someone who has always loved history - and fashion - and I want to learn more.
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