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3024Assignment 1

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  • beatrice.harb
    Feb 8, 2013
      I live in Beirut, Lebanon, where the costume is very important in our society, it is a society very much based on the external look, Lebanese people do give a lot of attention and time to look good, to look richer, to look sexy, to look leftist, to look like something they aim for.
      I personally believe it is to cover up the frustration, and war memory not dealt with psychologically.
      It is very important to always be presentable for the social statue, to be distinguished, "what if I was seen this way, what would people say?!"
      For some conservative religious people in Lebanon the costume is different and marks them from the others. It does also make one feel and show that he belongs to one of the confessions.
      But in general Lebanese people love to dress, follow the trends have the latest fashion. It's a way of showing that they are updated, and most important in!
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