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2827I'm interested in the history of fashion because...

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  • reneeah@rocketmail.com
    Dec 31, 2009
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      I found a cedar trunk full of clothes of my mother, grandmother and great grandmother about 10 yrs ago. I learned more about them in those few hours than I'd done in a lifetime. There were also some vintage patterns in the trunk, so I decided to make them just for fun. Considering I didnt' know how to sew, it was quite a journey; but I'm really good at it now! I even did a copy of my great-grandmother's wedding gown from 1889 just to see what she must have felt like, hand-sewing for hours on end, day after day. Being from a generation of "disposable" clothes, this was a true revelation and awakening for me. I want to continue that sense of connection to those long past; to peer into their lives and understand how their dreams and hopes converge with my own. I'm not in the clothing or design industry; rather a kind of "explorer". Just a middle-aged, middle-class, white female living with a husband, 5 dogs, and my 99 yr old grandmother.
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