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2777Why I am intersted in the history of fashion

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  • read_good
    Jun 5, 2009
      I am interested in the history of fashion because I just can't get enough of the stuff. As a little girl I made costumes for my dolls and then as I got older I made outfits for me. Lately I've began picking up vintage pieces at flea markets and I am incredibly inspired by the construction and interested in the evolution of the silhouettes. I love to literally feel the history in the textiles. I have a few books about vintage handbags and shoes and some of Victorian and art deco dress but I want to educate myself about what pre-dates the 20th century. The constant societal emphasis on fashion and trends fascinates me especially when I learn about the corresponding political, sexual and technological climates. I would like to learn more about the details & purposes of historical garments so that I can create a more learned foundation of knowledge about something that not only captivates me but is also a constant and major player through-out our entire known history!
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