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2759lesson 3 byzantium and medieval europe step 2

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  • badkittie748
    Feb 5, 2009
      The Prophet said, "There is none who wears silk in this world except
      that he will wear nothing of it in the Hereafter." [beyond the size
      from the middle to the index fingers - this is addressed to men].
      Volume 7, Book 72, Number 722: ..

      the differences in islamic dress from western dress or medieval
      european dress shown on your costume page show not a stark contrast
      but a very mild difference in that in both middle class cultures men
      wore a tunic like garment but each had different lenghts. a muslim
      mans 'tunic" would often be long but not so long as it touched the
      ground. a european mans tunic was often much shorter often just going
      to the knees and belted at the waist.

      wearing a muslim costume now in a post 9/11 world especially in
      america im pretty sure would have people looking at me strangely
      wondering if i am or not a terrorist.