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2747Re: Pictures of my corset !!

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  • Paula Daabach
    Dec 6, 2008
      Hi Rita,
      I realised after we took the pictures that I never got a really good
      shot at the back of the corset. :o( But I laced it from the bottom and
      up. However, I couldn't find a lace that were long enough so it is two
      shoelaces tied together so it looked like it was tied both at the top
      and the bottom. However, I hid most of the knot and the rest of the
      lace inside the corset behind an extra flap. (I put a flap on one side
      of the corset that covers the "opening" under the lacing.)
      I will see if I have time to take some pictures of the inside and the
      back of the corset and put those up too.
      I think it sounds interesting with the lacing of your corset, that ties
      like a bow in the front. Cool.
      Merry Christmas to you too !
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