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2734New book on 1820s mantua-making, stay-making, needlework, and millinery

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  • Frances Grimble
    Nov 2, 2008
      After seven years of work, our new title The Lady's Stratagem: A
      Repository of 1820s Instructions for the Toilet, Mantua-Making, Stay-
      Making, Millinery & Etiquette is now available. Topics which may be
      of particular interest to this list include an entire manual on stay-
      making and a substantial chapter from a different source, both
      translated from French for the first time; likewise for mantua-
      making; unusually early instructions for knitting a variety of
      garments and accessories in addition to stockings; a large chapter of
      millinery instructions, including 52 trimmings; 25 embroidery
      patterns; and substantial information on the toilet, wardrobe
      planning, clothing care and storage, and laundry.

      The book specs are:

      The Lady's Stratagem: A Repository of 1820s Directions for the
      Toilet, Mantua-Making, Stay-Making, Millinery & Etiquette
      Edited, translated, and with additional material by Frances Grimble
      8 1/2" x 11" quality paperback
      755 pages
      98 line drawings, 36 halftones
      Glossary, bibliography, and index
      ISBN: 978-0-9636517-7-8
      LCCN: 2008920010

      More information, a color image of the cover, and a PDF of the table
      of contents are available on our website, http://www.lavoltapress.com

      Frances Grimble
      Lavolta Press